June 2021 Non-fiction
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Rethinking Parkinson's Disease
John C. Coleman
The definitive guide to the known causes of Parkinson's disease and proven reversal strategies.

‘I can relate to every page on your book, as it comes not only from an experienced practitioner, but well-read and researched too and someone who has been to a hell of Parkinson’s disease and is in recovery. This is an incredible achievement. There are many books on various health topics written by the “experts ” but with little substance or connection with the reader.’ Danuta Hulajko, Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Australia

Pub date 16 April 2021 $42.99
Large Print ISBN 9780369363589
Farm For Life
Tangaroa Walker
The awesomely inspiring true story of how Tangaroa Walker turned his life around through farming - and how what he learned can help anyone succeed. Take a look at his Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/Farm4Life.

Pub date 16 February 2021 $31.99
Large Print ISBN 9780369357090
Extraordinary Old Dogs
Laura Greaves
Uplifting true tales of remarkable seniors.

Laura Greaves is the author of Incredible Dog Journeys,
Dogs with JobsThe Rescuers, Miracle Mutts and the children’s book Amazing Dogs with Amazing Jobs.

Pub date 6 Jan 2021 $37.99
Large Print ISBN 9780369356888
Sue Brierley
The extraordinary untold story of Sue Brierley, mother of Saroo, the boy known as LION. A powerful and moving account of adopting the boy who inspired the motion picture LION.

Pub date 11 December 2020 $37.99
Large Print ISBN 9780369354433
Growing Up Disabled in Australia
Carly Findlay
A rich collection of writing from those negotiating disability in their lives – a group whose voices are not heard often enough.

‘That identity, which I feared for so long, is now one of my greatest qualities.’
‘I had become disabled – not just by my disease, but by the way the world treated me. When I found that out, everything changed.’

Pub date 15 Feb 2021 $32.99
Large Print ISBN 9780369358035
'An invaluable guide'
Noel Whittaker, bestselling author and finance expert
Avoiding The Ageing Parent Trap
Brian Herd
Essential information & solutions.

Watch Brian Herd talking about his new book here.
Pub date 16 April 2021 $45.99
Large Print ISBN 9780369363732
Good Riddance
Stacey Currie
Get rid of your fears and doubts. Unleash your potential. Ever wondered whether change is possible? Respected businesswoman Stacey Currie is proof that it is. 

Pub date 19 April 2021 $35.99
Large Print ISBN 9780369364562
Darkness is Golden
Mary Hoang
A Guide to Personal Transformation and Dealing with Life's Messiness

'A gift for anyone wanting to live a bigger, bolder, more courageous life.' Dr Nicole LePera

Pub date 19 April 2021 35.99
Large Print ISBN 9780369364609
Men At Work
Annabel Crabb
'Women’s surge into the workplace has been profound over the last century. But it hasn’t been matched by movement in the other direction: while the entrances have been opened to women, the exits are still significantly blocked to men. And if women have benefited from the sentiment that ‘girls can do anything,’ then don’t we similarly owe it to the fathers, mothers and children of the future to ensure that ‘boys can do anything’ means everything from home to work?' Annabel Crabb

Pub date 25 December 2020 $19.99
Large Print ISBN 9780369354617
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