WDA Members:

Here is information about new Dental Plans that will pay a Denturist. You do not have to join a network to be accepted to these plans.
Enrollment Guides are attached. They have 3 plans. 2 of them require Medicaid and Medicare, the 3rd does not. The 2 Medicaid plans include $3,000 in dental. The Medicare only plan includes $2,400 in dental.
All three plans will use the Flex card starting January 1. On the front page of the enrollment guides it lists the counties where it is available. See if your county is included.
If you have patients who may qualify for these plans who may be on another Medicare Advantage plan such as United Healthcare or Humana they may be able to switch to one of the attached plans. Starting this Friday, new enrollment is open and goes through mid December. These plans are based in Washington and a lot of people will be signing up for these Molina network plans.
If you or your patients have any question have them call:
Terry Cullinane
Insurance Producer Medicare, Medicaid & More
Telephone number 206-383-9984
He is very informative about these new dental plans that will begin in January and he is very happy to help the Denturist's of Washington. I have been speaking to him for a couple of year's and we are very excited that finally we are going to be able to take a Medicare Advantage plan. Hope this helps with some of the others we are struggling with.
Carol Carbone 
WDA Insurance Chair 

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