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Date: 06/18/2021

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TruEvolution serves the Inland Empire and celebrates LGBTQ+ people, history, and culture! We are an equal-opportunity and diverse work-environment for all gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnicities, national origins, religions, ages, and disabilities.

Housing Coordinator

Location: Riverside, CA

Pay: $18/hr.

Position Summary:
Oversight and development of the Bridge Housing program, in collaboration with a housing navigator, to identify and transition into a full range of permanent housing opportunities (including individual apartments and shared housing). The Housing Coordinator will work as a lead for a housing team that works closely with landlords to identify units. The Housing Coordinator will accompany clients to look at units and complete applications... Read More...

Community Health Specialist

Location: Riverside, CA

Pay: $18/hr.

Position Summary:
The Community Health Specialist will be under the direction of the Director of Health Services. The Community Health Specialist will focus on carrying out program activities to meet contractual agreements set by TruEvolution on behalf of its clients. The Community Health Specialist will be responsible for developing and providing outreach health education programs relating to the prevention of HIV infection, testing, and early treatment intervention within the TruEvolution geographic areas of operation.... Read More...

Our Media Assets Have Evolved

We've updated our logo and branding to better reflect our mission: to serve the health and justice of our community.

TruHealth Briefing


The TruHealth Briefings are a monthly briefing designed to expand community-based health services, educate the community, mobilize resources and create deeper and more meaningful relationships throughout Riverside County health agencies. The goal of the briefings will be to report on actions and activities coming out of TruEvolution, report the most up-to-date guidelines from federal, state, and local health agencies, and feature keynote speakers. Following the briefings agencies will receive minutes, resources, and directives to stay up to date with information to our “calls to action” and ways to mobilize.

Criteria for attending the TruHealth Briefings:
1. Riverside County community-based health organization
2. Riverside County community organizations that are Black, Latinx, or API – serving
3. Riverside County community organizations that are Black, Latinx, or API – led
4. Riverside County direct-service provider


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