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New Hurricane Louver From United Enertech to Prepare for the Season

United Enertech has a range of Miami-Dade County approved hurricane louvers designed to minimize storm damage to your structure. Our latest product addition is the D-HV-9 Horizontal/Vertical Blade Hurricane Louver.

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D-HV-9: Horizontal/Vertical Blade Hurricane Louver

A 9" Deep Hurricane Louver with horizontal front blades, this product meets the standards for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (AMCA 540/550, TAS 201, 202 & 203), and is both Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Code approved.

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D-HV-9 Hurricane Louver can benefit your next project.

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Video Feature: AMCA 550 Challenge

Visit the Video Gallery on our website to view our products being put to the test, including an AMCA 550 challenge, as well as promotional and educational videos.

Video Gallery

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