Spring 2024


Welcome to Our New

Quarterly Newsletter!

Dear Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County Supporters,

We want to welcome you to our new quarterly newsletter where we will share updates on the wonderful things we have going, services available, educational opportunities, community events and more! And, along with the Quarterly News, we will share important updates as they come up throughout the year.

You are on this list because you have been receiving ongoing emails from us or supporting us in other ways whether it be through volunteering, making donations, or have requested our services.

We have exciting things to share with you as we continue to look for ways to best serve those in our Hancock County community who have a life limiting illness and their families. Most recently we have added a Life Stories program and are currently piloting a Reiki program for patients. We have been offering more volunteer training to help increase the support available to those we serve. And, we have been offering sessions that give community members the opportunity to talk about important topics around living and dying.

As we move forward, we do not want you to miss any updates! We will do our best to keep it brief, so you can catch the highlights and move on with your day. You can opt out anytime, but we hope you do not!

Thanks for tuning in!


Kathy Baillargeon

Kathy Baillargeon

Executive Director


Help Us Name Our Newsletter!

We are looking for a name for our newsletter and would love your ideas! If you are creative we want to hear from you! We would like to keep it focused on our mission, have it be original and a little fun. The winner will be chosen by the HVHC staff and will be announced in our next newsletter.

HVHC Mission:

Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County enhances the lives of those experiencing life-limiting illness, grief and loss, by providing quality, cost-free compassionate support and comfort.

Email your idea to us at info@hospiceofhancock.org

Calling all Professional or Non-Professional Landscape/Garden Designers

Here it is! Our backyard! It looks nice, neat and clean, but we want more! Our hopes and dreams are to create a space where patients, caregivers, and our community members can come to relax, unwind, meditate, or simply sit and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the gardens.

It will be a space where a Bereavement Volunteer can sit with a person who is grieving the loss of a loved one; where our discussion and education groups can meet to talk about topics relating to living and dying; where a caregiver can sit and renew surrounded by peace and quiet as a volunteer visits with their loved one.

Talking with someone, taking time for quiet reflection, and spending time in nature are all important in good self-care and healing. We have beautiful places throughout Hancock County with incredible hiking trails, mountains, paths along the ocean and more. Help us make this another place where those who need our services can spend time alone or with one of our amazing volunteers.

This is an open canvas for us to explore, so we can be completely creative! We will be looking for funding for the project either through fundraising or grants. If you are interested in joining our committee and letting your imagination run wild, contact Kathy Baillargeon, Executive Director, at 207-667-2531 or email her at kbaillargeon@hospiceofhancock.org.

Life Stories

Tom Yaroschuk, Hospice Volunteer, Retired Talk Show Producer, Documentary Film Maker, and all-around great guy has been leading our Life Stories Project. These are available to patients who are on Hospice and Palliative Care services. Tom's gentle sense of humor, keen listening skills, and his sincere interest provide a caring environment for the conversation to take place. The patient can share anything they wish from challenging times to the best of times, just a moment in time or a lifetime.

Chris Childs, HVHC Manager of Volunteer Resources and musician, is doing the work of creating an intro and closing to each recording before it goes to the patient and their family. The recording becomes a keepsake where the voice of their loved one will be cherished forever.

We started piloting this project late last year and have completed two recordings, have a third soon to begin, and others are in the planning stage. We will be looking to expand the program once we complete the pilot. We are happy to say it is going great, and we look forward to bringing this gift to those who are interested.

If you would like the opportunity to meet Tom, he will be leading one of our discussion groups for "What Matters Most - Conversations Around Living & Dying". His topic will be "The Gift of Story - Sharing Your Legacy". Scroll down for more information. You can visit our website to sign up.

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Thank you Stanley Subaru for Sharing the Love!

Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County was chosen for the December 2023 Share the Love Event. Customers are given an amount to donate to one of five charities that include four national charities and one local.

We are grateful to Stanley Subaru in Trenton, the amazing Subaru employees, and the wonderful customers who chose us! Stanley Subaru presented a check in the amount of $24,250 on April 18.

Thank you to all who were involved! Donations like this allow us to continue the work we do in supporting patients and families throughout Hancock County.

Newly Trained Bereavement Volunteers

We are excited to have this wonderful group of women joining our team of Bereavement Volunteers. They have gone through the general training that prepared them to visit one-on-one with individuals who have experienced the death of a loved one.

We will be holding this training again in the fall and will also be holding a Grief Group Facilitator Training. More to come!

Volunteers (left to right): Patricia Fiske, Maggie White, Paige Collins, Nancy Guy, Donna Merkel, and Liz Libby

Grief Support Group Starts June 17

Often the stories and caring of others experiencing grief can ease your own grief journey and lead to healing. Our trained volunteer facilitators provide a safe, accepting setting where your thoughts and feelings are welcome. You share only what you are comfortable sharing. During eight weekly sessions, you will explore the grief process and discuss many related topics as you get the support you need. Please join us for this confidential and supportive group.


Paul McNulty, Bereavement Coordinator

Mike Woodard, Bereavement Volunteer

Location: HVHC, 14 McKenzie Ave., Ellsworth

Dates: Mondays, June 17, 24, July 1, 8, 15, 28, 29, and August 5

Time: 1:00-3:00pm

Pre-register Here

Reiki Volunteer Program

We are pleased to announce that Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County will be starting a Reiki Volunteer program to serve our patients and families. Reiki is a gentle, noninvasive modality that can be used to promote calming and reduce anxiety. Many hospitals are offering it as a complementary therapy. Research studies show that it induces a deep relaxation response, and it can create quality of life in cancer patients. For palliative/hospice patients it can be used with medical interventions to help relieve pain and symptoms.

We want to give a special thank you to Margarita Marnik, Reiki Master, Bereavement Volunteer and Patient Care Volunteer, for bringing this idea forward and being part of the planning to make this possible. A special thank you also goes out to Mary Calder who is close to a Master Level and current Patient Care Volunteer who is helping in the planning of the program.

Thank you to our most recent Reiki I trained volunteers and their instructors

Margarita Marnik and Charly Weir.

If you are a Reiki Trained Practitioner with interest in becoming a Reiki Volunteer, please contact us to learn how you can get involved. All volunteers go through Hospice Volunteer Training followed by a visit with one of our Reiki Masters. You can apply to be a volunteer by visiting our website. For more information contact Chris Childs, Manager of Volunteer Resources, at 207-667-2531 or email him at cchilds@hospiceofhancock.org.

We will be piloting the program over the next couple of months and will let everyone know when we are fully up and running. More to come...

Apply to be a Volunteer

Recently Trained Reiki Volunteers (Left to Right): Anne Heisey, Sue Croteau,

Debbie Kiley, Barbara Sinclair, and Patricia Fiske

Cookie Horner

Retired RN and Hospice Volunteer

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Join Volunteers Cookie Horner and Gerry Gregersen on May 23, for Matters of Living & Dying

Why is it so hard to talk about dying? What are your fears about the process of dying? What past experiences inform your feelings about death? What is your understanding of palliative care and hospice? How can examining your own feelings and talking about death with friends and loved ones affect your perspective and help you to live more fully? How can you take control of how you choose to live and die at the end of life? Join us as we explore these many questions together.

May 23, 2024 (Thursday)


Location: Friends in Action, Moore Center


Community Presentations 2024.jpg

The Medical Equipment Basement Gets a Makeover!

Thank you, Julia!

The HVHC Staff Team did a complete cleanout of the basement giving us an additional large open space to bring in more medical equipment, so we never run out!

Last year alone we had 305 individuals who benefited from our free medical supply loaner program. 40 of those individuals needed our service more than once. There is a lot of need out there.

Once the basement was clean and open, Volunteer Julia Gilmore offered to paint the walls a pretty blue and that is where the inspiration began! Thank you, Julia! You helped kick off what will be a more pleasant basement experience when someone is going through a hard time and needs equipment due to surgery, illness or an overall decline in health.

Help us Stock the Basement

Click Here to Learn More

What is an artist to do with

a blank canvas?

Create a beautiful ocean scene of course! Bev Lamoureux, HVHC Office Manager and Artist was inspired by the hard work of our volunteer Julia and slowly the ocean theme and what the basement was to become came into view.

After several months of plugging away at it here and there, our ocean theme was created. You can see this amazing work and meet the artist to hear more about her inspiration on June 6 at our "Stock the Basement" event.

So, start digging out the medical equipment you might be storing in your closets, basement, attic, or garage and join us for a fun event where you can view all the artwork on our basement walls!

Scroll down to learn more or visit our website to find out how you can help us serve those in Hancock County who have a need for medical equipment. When you donate, be sure the equipment is clean and in good working order. You can donate equipment anytime, Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm, or you can wait for June 6 and join us at our event!

Green Cream Simple Illustration Class Flyer.jpg

Jim Fernald

March 13, 1962 - March 9, 2024

Learn More Here

Calling all Sailors!

Save the Date for this year's Hospice Regatta of Maine!

July 12,13, and14

This year’s event will be in honor of Jim Fernald. Jim served as Board President for Hospice of Hancock in our early days before we became Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County. He combined his love of sailing and racing and support for hospice as he worked to bring the Hospice Regatta to Maine and HVHC.

Jim played a crucial role in creating this as our largest fundraising event. This event has raised more than $500,000 since its launch in 1997. He is greatly missed by his family, friends, HVHC and our sailing community.

For those who have sailed this race before, you will be hearing from us in June. We hope you can join us again this year as we celebrate this amazing man and all he accomplished in support of hospice.

Evensong to Sing at the Hospice Regatta of Maine!

Evensong will be singing at the Hospice Regatta of Maine again this year. They truly added a special touch to our event last year, and we are looking forward to their return. Their sailing songs were in the spirit of the day and enjoyed by all.

Did you know we have an Evensong group on MDI and one in Blue Hill? Both groups are available to sing for patients on hospice and palliative care services. To request Evensong, email us at info@hospiceofhancock.org or call us at 207-667-2531.

Our Evensong groups sing not only hymns, but also a range of gospel, folk, popular, and even take special requests. Recently the daughter of a patient asked if we would visit and sing Irish songs for her mom. The Evensong volunteers quickly learned Irish songs to sing to the patient and her daughter. It was a touching moment as the patient sang along with the volunteers.

When volunteers sing for a patient and caregiver in their home, they will limit the number of singers. For larger spaces with family and friends in attendance, more singers are accommodated. The intent is to provide the patient and family with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people

out of themselves for a few hours.” Elton John

Visit our website to learn more about the services we provide. Thanks for catching up!