Volume 2017/08 | August 2017
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Greetings from New York City !

It has been a while since I have been in touch - hope you are well !   

2016 was a very challenging year.   It started with the very difficult decision to let my loving rottweiler KAVITA go because she had cancer. She was with me for 12 year. There was a fire in my house soon after that in April, then the death of my best friend from Hong Kong in June and the passing of my brother in Toronto in July. It ended with yet another hard decision to release my cat of 24 years of her pain towards the end of the year.

It was also a year of discovery though - during which my encounter with 3D PRINTING in 2015 has developed into a passion to bring this technology and knowledge to all those who are curious and want to explore.  

The Izabel Lam Charitable Foundation was founded and the first project 'TEAM 3D - to empower all minds' was launched.  Please visit our website to learn more :   www.izabellamfoundation.org

PRINTED by IZABEL LAM was also launched - a collection of 3D PRINTED JEWELRY and TABLE TOP accessories made with state of the art 3D printer - with all our hallmark of flowing and organic elements.  

Best wishes for a great rest of the summer and rest  !

Telephone : +1917-291-5502
IZABEL LAM 3D printed jewelry
PRINTED - IZABEL LAM's new collection of 3D printed jewelry in non toxic ABS plastic filaments, printed in the FDM method.   Objects are printed with state of the art 3D printerss by STRATYSIS and 3D SYSTEMS.   Shown here is a bracelet, CORAL TUBE, tubular open lace work reminiscent of coral fans under the sea - delicate yet strong, airy with volumn.
IZABEL LAM 3D PRINTED JEWELRY Coral Chain Scarf Necklace
CORAL CHAIN SCARF NECKLACE - designed with 3D CAD SOFTWARE,  but in organic and sculptural forms - which is a hallmark of Izabel's designs.   It is 3D printed in 1 block and finished to released the free flowing rings that are interconnected to each other to form this magnificent necklace that flows and conforms to your body and moves as you do.
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IZABEL LAM 3D PRINTED Sculpture - Dylan the Sea Dragon
Dylan the Sea Dragon Sculpture 3D printed in color
IZABEL LAM 3D PRINT - Zatiti The Cheetah
Zatiti The Cheetah Scultpre 3D printed in color
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As the first project of The Izabel Lam Charitable Foundation, TEAM 3D STUDIO is very pleased to be working with 4 interns from the Chinese American Planning Council, through the Summer Youth Employment Porgramme of New York. They are exceptionally bright young adults who are very eager to learn.   The focus is on 3D printing and designs.   They have the opportunity to download designs from the internet and create their own designs using available software in the Studio.     Visit our Facebook page to see their amazing creations.
Izabel Lam Team3D key chain
Watch how 3D printing is done........
What is 3D printing and how does it work?

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. The creation of a 3D-printed object is achieved using additive processes. In an additive process, an object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the entire object is created.    Read more

History of 3D Printing.......................
The first 3D printing attempts are granted to Dr Kodama for his development of a rapid prototyping technique in 1980. He was the first to describe a layer by layer approach for manufacturing, creating an ancestor for SLA: a photosensitive resin was polymerised by an UV light..  Read More
At right is a coaster designed by an intern at the IZABEL LAM CHARITABLE FOUNDATIN TE AM 3D STUDIO in Brooklyn,  New York.
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