As governments contend with the challenges of keeping information safe from hackers, they must simultaneously comply with state and local transparency laws that require them to make records of communications available to the public. Messaging apps that don’t create an archived record of conversations create more work when responding to public-records requests and leave government entities vulnerable to complaints and lawsuits. EIE Legal is compiling a list of nationwide text messaging lawsuits being brought against government entities to demonstrate the growing problem.
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Ann Arbor, MI resident requested records of city council members communication with resident Pat Lesko since the beginning of the year, including emails, texts and direct messages over social media. A judge ruled that these messages are part of the public record and need to be provided.

Documents show that South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster and his staff were in frequent contact with board members to hire Robert Caslen to be the next president of the University of South Carolina.

Former Gov. Eric Greitens’ spent taxpayer money to defend himself in a lawsuit alleging he and his staff used the self-destructing Confide app to to subvert Missouri’s open records laws.

As of September 1, 2019, the new law requires any public official who texts about public business now save the text messages for at least two years. The law applies to almost anyone who receives a public paycheck. The law does not differentiate between publicly issued or private devices if the person is texting about public business.

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In order to take every step possible to protect your communications, choose a messaging platform that has end-to-end encryption and archiving technology. EIE Legal allows users to print or save copies off archived records. The difference with our app is the “encrypted transparency.” TM
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