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The Center of Excellence for Transgender Health (CoE) would like to introduce you to our new Transgender Health Learning Center. We have recently added a training to provide guidance for organizations and clinics to incorporate the "Recommendations for Inclusive Data Collection of Trans People in HIV Prevention, Care & Services."

When you finish the Acknowledging Gender and Sex course you will be able to:
  • Demonstrate how to collect the two-step gender and sex differentiation questions, using appropriate language.
  • Demonstrate the use of appropriate language to explain to all patients why they are being asked separate questions about their gender and sex.
  • State at least three reasons why the two-step gender and sex method is important.
  • Describe at least three ways in which cultural competence in transgender care affects health outcomes for this population. 

Please consider supporting our work advancing the health of transgender individuals by contributing on our donation page.  Much of our work is over and above what our government grants fund us to do.  Your donation will make more tailored trainings and resource development possible.  We are always seeking ways to assist health care providers in their search for tools to provide quality care. We look forward to partnering with you to advance healthcare for transgender and gender variant individuals in 2014!