• Explore personal finance from a scriptural and Wesleyan viewpoint.

  • Create personal spending, saving and giving plans.

  • Prepare to teach Saving Grace in your local church.

  • Fall classes now forming for Clergy and Spouses/Accountability Partners.

  • Meet by Zoom. Evening and morning classes available.

  • Grants for class materials provided by the Foundation.

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Central UMC, Traverse City

Wayne C. Barrett Steward Leader Award Recipient

Central United Methodist Church located in Traverse City was the recipient of the Wayne C. Barrett Steward Leader Award. They are striving to embody a culture of extravagant generosity by designating eighteen percent of their annual budget to outreach ministries.

These funds were used in the work of the mission’s team, the local Outreach community feeding ministries, Justice for Our Neighbors, and a $90,000 investment for newcomer housing and community garden infrastructure improvements.

Central UMC lays this important stewardship groundwork throughout the year with a collaborative team that includes pastors, lay staff and lay persons. They meet throughout the year to read up on current trends in fundraising and create plans to educate the church on the spirituality of stewardship. The award was presented in conjunction with the retirement celebration of Rev. Chris Lane highlighting the incredible ministry and outreach he helped oversee.


We agree that it has been an exceptional year of stewardship at Central UMC, responding both to extraordinary opportunities and to current global and local events in real and tangible ways. Thank you for your exceptional leadership in stewardship! 

Save Paper, Postage and Help Plant a Forest

Has your church designated an person for the Electronic Consent Contact? This is very helpful when we mail out the updated Offering Circulars and Prospectus to our Investors. By doing so, we can email you the documents, rather than send a very expensive paper copy by mail. This keeps our postage costs down, saves paper and might just make it easier for you find this important document at a later date!

For every Electronic Consent Form we receive, we will donate a tree at

Thanks in advance for helping us be good stewards of our resources!

Are You Ready to Plan Your Will or Trust?

We would like to give you a FREE Estate Planning Guide. This helpful tool will enable you to successfully plan your legacy.

Having a will ensures your wishes are followed and can help avoid disagreements among family members. Helping loved ones deal with your estate after you are gone is a gift that you can give with some time and preparation.

Your legacy begins with a plan. Consider starting to work on that plan today. Your family will be thankful.

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