September 2018

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Welcome to our new FTR family members!
We are so excited to welcome our new Director of Operations, Nicolette Pessetto, and our assistant dietitian with Food To Recover, Chrissy Andrus.

Nicollete has been with us since the beginning and has been a constant source of inspiration and support to many FTR members. She always welcomes people with her kind energy and provides strength and wisdom to those around her. Nicolette's favorite cereal is Frosted Mini Wheats and she's looking forward to her new role at FTR. She states, " I consider the people at FTR one of the biggest blessings in my life. They are my safe place my support system. A place where you go to give love and receive love. This place holds such a special place in the heart and I am honored to become part of this team! "

Chrissy recently finished her dual degree (Masters in Nutrition Science and Registered Dietitian) at the University of Utah. She has a strong passion for sports nutrition and nutrition and mental health. She has a natural warmth and a positive spirit. Chrissy's favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip and she is excited to be a part of the FTR fam because, " I wanted to join FTR from the first time I met Tessa and the community. I love the positive energy felt in this community and the drive to be the best version of ourselves. I am so grateful to get to work in an amazing environment with beautiful people."
Nutrition/Food to Recover 
Nourish yourself like you would Nourish someone you love!
This month, we are making Meal Prep even more convenient for you- we are including all ingredients so you don't even have to do the shopping! That's right, just show up with your tupperware, cook, and leave with 5-6 meals of healthy, ready-to-eat meals for only $20 (that's $3-4 per meal!) Sign up HERE. Be sure to check our FTR events page for the menus!

Member Spotlight: Rachel Crampton
We had our talented FTR member, Rachel Crampton, showed us how to make her delicious Turkey Thai Lettuce Wraps. Rachel is a master meal prepper and her passion for cooking and food is infectious! She is a glowing individual who runs beside many of our fellow Spartan racers in the FTR community. She is always open for a hug and can really hold her own on the barbell! Thanks for cooking with us, Rach!

This month, as seen on TV, we're bringing our version of Recovery "Chopped!" to the Salt Lake Institute of Culinary Education on Saturday, September 29th from 2-4PM. You'll watch as 2 teams of chefs are given "mystery ingredients" and must think on their feet to incorporate them into a delicious dish that YOU can try! Our FTR judges will make the final call and name the Chopped title winners.

This is a Fun-draiser for Food to Recover so be sure to purchase your tickets HERE. If you are unable to make the event, but still want to support us, feel free to purchase a ticket and leave a note that you cannot make it.
HOW it works in FTR Fitness

Each of Fit to Recover’s fitness classes are programmed and designed to help our community connect, support and encourage each other while improving our physical well-being.

Just like in many recovery communities, we believe that you will get the most from your recovery (and training) if you are Honest, Open and Willing (HOW).

Each class, we begin with our Intention , to warm up the body and warm up to each other. We focus on blood flow and introducing ourselves. Next, we find our Honesty. This focuses on strength as a foundation of fitness; with a goal of building strength through improving technique on a variety of barbell exercises. Midway through the workout, we must be Open in order to expand within ourselves and our workout. We encourage our member’s to try new movements with new tools (like kettlebells).Yes, it’s a little scary, and yes it feels a little weird -like just about everything does when you're new to recovery.The best part is you have lots of people encouraging you to try! Finally, when we feel like we've used almost all of our gas, we find our Willingness. These higher intensity workouts tests your ability to be "comfortable with the uncomfortable." We do push each other, but above all, we encourage members to listen to their bodies.

We are often partnered up together to be able to lean on one another when that last lift, swing, or pushup seems impossible. Together, and with plenty of high fives, hollers, and hugs, we complete the workout. We revisit our intention and take the energy, love, and good vibes we got in class out into the world!

Come join us in the gym, we will show you HOW!

Lastly, a Special Shout out for FTR members James and Laura Snead for winning the 60in60 challenge!

Member Spotlight: Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez represents all the good that a person in recovery should be about.
Chris is the first person to introduce himself to people he doesn't know in our community. Over the past several months Chris has helped many new people in our Friday 4:30 class. We can always count on Chris to be very supportive as well as kind to everyone in the gym. The only thing that outshines his ability in the gym, is that he truly is a man of service outside the gym. Over recent weeks Chris has helped several in our community with issues outside of the gym. FTR is a better place with Chris in it!
Chris, Thank you for all that you do!
Community Service
Making Magic with Yarn
Our Community Service crew teamed up with the Magic of Yarn organization to help make wigs for little cancer fighters. Pictured here is Indy, a strong and beautiful girl who is showing off her Moana wig that she received from the FTR workshop.

Don't miss our outreach event this month as we prepare to get Farm Fit! This event is a beautiful combination of all pillars, we will be helping Wasatch Community Gardens do the dirty work on their small urban farm, we will share a meal together, and we will be practicing functional fitness to get it all done! The "Green Team Farm" Project is a farm-based job training program that aims to simultaneously revitalize an underutilized urban area while providing opportunities for women who are facing homelessness.  Sign up HERE.
Member Spotlight:
Dorothy Moran (aka Dottie) is always showing up for FTR and this community. She goes above and beyond to help at the outreaches and is always asking what more she can do to be of service. She has picked up donations and always shows up early to events to help set up. She even travels from Eagle Mountain to show up for FTR and this community. We are so grateful for volunteers like you, Dottie! Thank you for your constant service and love for our community.
Save the Date! Recovery Day is Saturday, September 8th 9AM-3PM
Stop by and say "Hi" at our Fit to Recover and Food to Recover booth at Recovery Day at the Gallivan Center!

Want to volunteer with FTR at the 5K Race registration booth or the "turning point" on Recovery Day? Shifts are from 8-10AM and you can sign up HERE
MISSION: FTR's mission is to provide people in recovery from drug and alcohol misuse with a safe place to connect through exercise, nutrition, creative expression and community service.

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