May 7, 2024

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A book by Tom Marshall, former president of AFA and the current Mid-Atlantic Regional Director. 

Why Parrots? Combines personal anecdotes and experience with important information about personal responsibility for parrots as well as the importance of conservation of these fantastic creatures' habitat so that future generations can continue to enjoy their beauty and intelligence.

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Indian Ringnecks

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Upcoming Events:

1974 ~ 2024

The American Federation of Aviculture

Celebrates 50 Golden Years

of Serving Aviculture!

September 4-7, 2024





Hilton Orange County/CostaMesa

For the 50th Educational Conference

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National Cockatiel Society


Scotland Community Center

3832 Scotland Main Street

Chambersburg, PA 17202

Labor Day Weekend

August 30, 31 and September 1

The specialty show is the biggest cockatiel show of the year, with 3 shows in 3 days and includes our annual membership meeting and a banquet dinner to top it off. The 2024 event will be cohosted with the Keystone State Avian Society. This is a show weekend not to be missed whether you exhibit or just want to see what a cockatiel show is all about.

Rooms $100 plus tax and NO pet fee

Hotel: Comfort Inn

3648 Olde Scotland Rd

Chambersburg, PA


Preferred Reservation Method:

Call with the group name

Keystone State Avian Society

Show Manager - Nelson Maldonado


Coming September 28 and 29, 2024,

The Ultimate Parrot Experience!


Seattle Parrot Expo!

Featuring Cassie Malina of

Awesome Animal Solutions 

Immersive Workshop and so much more!


Sign up today Click here to register.

Birds Wanted:


Seeking male bronze wing pionus

Seeking female hawkhead

Jim Harmon, corpus christi, tx




Female Golden Conure

My beautiful girl, Dutchess, passed away. Her mate Duke is very depressed. I am searching for another female to keep him company. Age does not matter. Just a buddy. He is almost 9 years old. I never bred them and have no intuition of breeding. I just want him to be happy. 

Thank you Vicki Meyer




Red capped parrot and red bellied parrot

Looking for hens for my males. Please contact me at 603 498 9495. Texting is fine. Thanks.


Mature male DYH Amazon.

Mature female BH caique.

Pet quality YN Amazon.

Southeast PA area

Birds for Sale:


from our closed aviary. 

MAX, male Red fronted macaw, in good health and good feather. A pet bird we purchased a couple years ago. He is about ten years of age. $2500. Will ship or can be picked up in Tulsa, Oklahoma area. 

DOUBLE YELLOW HEAD AMAZON PAIR. $5000. Proven breeder pair about ten years of age. We need more space for our eclectus project! So we are letting this beautiful pair go. In good health and good feather - can be shipped in separate containers or picked up near Tulsa, OK.

Laurella Desborough, email:, or text or call: 904-291-9043

For Sale

Kakariki, New Zealand parrot

15 Babies being hand fed now in March.

Greens, green pied, turquoise pied, etc

Blue front Amazon pair,

given a nest box last fall, so not proven.

$3000 for the pair.

African Grey pair, proven. $5000

Glendale, Oregon

541-832-2387 it does NOT text.


For Sale

Downsizing and selling off single breeders

Bare eyed cockatoo hen. Currently laying $2100

White fronted amazon hen. $1900

Alexandrine male. $2000

Senegal male $1500

Dark eyed yellow IRN hen $650

All birds are of breeding age, in perfect feather and oh so lonely. Texts welcome. References if requested.

Contact ARA Aviaries via text 603-498-9495 or email at


For Sale

Brokers and Stores:

Our season has begun, and are willing to part with a few of our babies, so they can find their forever homes. We are a small, closed aviary, that specializes in healthy, sweet and socialized birds both for the pet trade and breeding consortiums. All of our birds are raised with health and temperament in mind.  


We will have the following birds available, for Winter, Spring, and Summer: 

-Black Headed and White-bellied Caiques

-Orange Breasted Senegals

-Meyers Parrots, and occasionally other Poicephalus

-Sun Conures, Normals, and yellows (dilute)


Look forward to hearing from you,

Eddie E. Lindberg, Rocco Bella Farms, LLC.

TEXT: 1-352-277-1999



For Sale

Rare Ophthalmica

Blue-eyed Cockatoo

 Female, weaned and ready to go. 

Contact Mary Ellen (408)373-5494



The Flight Club Store:

Check out the latest

parrot-related gifts for the holidays!

Pick up a Parrot Pocket or two 

Or perhaps Harrison’s Bird Food.

All donations help people and parrots globally!

Proceeds help operate: rescue, rehabilitation, adoptions, triage, veterinary and disaster assistance, global conservation projects, event support, continuing education, educational outreach, and Free Admission at Seattle Parrot Expo annually.

Custom Handmade Catch Nets

Heavy duty to light duty parrot/bird catch nets. Aviary or outdoor use.

Several styles and sizes to choose from.

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Supplies Wanted:
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