Our program in Vietnam continues to solidify and grow. After receiving our NGO license in April, we have now formalized and signed working agreements with local government in three distinct regions in south Vietnam. We have been well received and are enjoying positive working relationships with the officials in these localities.
The end of August we accepted 4 new children into our medical project. Nhat Le and baby Phuc had successful surgery in September.

Duong and Chau' s surgeries were delayed because they needed to gain weight. We were thrilled to hear that little Duong gained almost a pound in October.
Update on Kim
It has been a difficult year for Kim Ngoc and her family. We recently had her tested at a second hospital in HCMC and sent her records to a pediatric heart specialist in the USA. They both confirmed that there is not a medical solution for Kim.

She is now back in ICU and they are not giving any hope. Please remember her and her family.
Family Visits
Earlier this month we were able to visit families in the Mekong river delta. We will be accepting four of these children into our medical program.
We come alongside of local organizations to help them accomplish their dreams and visions.
Some of the things we help with are:
  • Clothing and hygiene supplies
  • English and Spanish workshops for Vietnamese students
  • Assist a preschool that was started to help poor families that could not afford daycare enabling the parents to go to work.
  • Food kitchen that provides meals for families at the hospital waiting for medical care.
  • Local orphanages
  • Teams- we welcome teams to come and help with these projects.
Food Kitchen

We are excited to tell you about a new program we are starting this month. We recently became aware that four students from one of our partner orphanages started university earlier this year and need assistance with their daily living expenses. 
Monthly sponsorships will enable these students to buy food, clothing and meet other basic needs during their time at university . STUDENT SCHOLARSHIP