June 2019
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New partnership is a touchdown, video corner with cadet testimonial and memorial video, alumni and friends spotlight is all in the family, 93-year-old donates uniform, final salute and alumni and friends gatherings coming soon.
Civil Air Patrol
New Partnership
Civil Air Patrol and the National Football League Alumni Association have joined forces to enhance current leadership development opportunities and physical training programs nationwide. Both organizations value and promote physical fitness as a core emphasis in personal development.
CAP National Commander Honors Top Air Force Academy Graduates
Forty-five years after his own graduation from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Civil Air Patrol National Commander Maj. Gen. Mark Smith was on hand to congratulate two 2019 graduates.
CAP Video Corner
We Love Cadet Testimonials!
See What CAP's First "Cadet Wings" Graduate Has to Say...
Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Emma Herrington, the first Civil Air Patrol cadet to earn her private pilot’s certificate through CAP’s Cadet Wings program, produced her own testimonial to the opportunities the organization provides for youth interested in aviation careers. So far five cadets have completed the Cadet Wings program; 40 more are participating.
Civil Air Patrol Leadership
Shares Thoughts About Memorial Day
We Just Had to Share This Video, In Case You Missed It!
What's the primary reason you signed up for either the Alumni Association or Friends of CAP?
To network with other alumni and friends of CAP
To learn more about current CAP activities
To re-connect with people I used to know
Just a general interest in connecting with CAP information
Alumni & Friends Spotlight
When CAP is Family...Literally!
(Happy Father's Day)

Maj Jon Domke, PCR-CA-146
The Domke Family
Maj Jon Domke, active member
Celeste Domke, cadet sponsor
Children in age order:
C/Capt Jori C. Domke, cadet alum
C/Capt Derek Domke, cadet alum
C/1st Lt Hans Domke, current cadet
C/Capt Ethan Domke, current cadet
C/TSgt Nikolaus Domke, current cadet
What’s your family history with Civil Air Patrol?
I’ve been a member for 18 years, including 6 years as a cadet. Out of 7 kids, my 5 youngest have all been in CAP. It all started with my daughter wanting to be a pilot and astronaut, so I said CAP is the best place to start. Ask her any time and she will share her experience and tell how much of her success is due to what she learned in CAP. All of my kids achieved their Earhart Award, except my youngest who is 14 and C/TSgt. He also has autism, which has really improved since joining. My wife is also a cadet sponsor.
I am also third-generation Air Force. My grandfather served in WWII in the Army Air Forces then 30 years in USAF as an electrician. My father served four years as a medic. I served as Security Police K-9.

Current Career?
Senior Application/Product Support at AT&T. Working currently in the Product Development Engineering department supporting broadband internet data quality control within the customer's home via wired and WiFi access.

What specific CAP experiences have influenced your career/life?
Until I came back as a senior member and took on the role of Deputy Commander for Cadets, I never really associated my success with CAP. Now that I'm back, I see how over the years CAP has helped me as a leader in various management roles, including running my own business. Interviewing for jobs. Having self-discipline in all areas of my life. Seeing the quality of our Learn to Lead volumes, especially as cadets go through Phases 2-4. As a Business Management major in college, I see college-level education being implemented in our cadet program. You won't see that anywhere else.

My reward as a senior member is watching my cadets succeed as they enter adulthood. I keep up with as many as possible. Some are well on their way in life, with one flying C-130s in Germany with his wife and kids and another now working for Qantas Airlines after graduating from the Australian Defense Forces Academy and serving in the Australian Navy assigned to protecting the coast of Africa from Somali terrorists. CAP in general has affected all areas of my life through self-determination to always do better and be successful in no matter what I do. I try my best to exhibit all the traits I learned as a cadet including volunteering in my community and supporting numerous nonprofit agencies financially. So far, my greatest achievements in CAP have been receiving my Garber Award, 3 Balsem Awards, and receiving the Quality Cadet Unit Award 6 consecutive years.
One of Maine’s Earliest WWII-era Civil Air Patrol Members Honored, Donates Uniform
Do you have old Civil Air Patrol uniforms in your closet or in storage?
Yes! I have several...
Yes! I have at least one or parts of one
I have other uniforms but not Civil Air Patrol
I am uniform-free at the moment, but you should see my other collections
A Final Salute to these Current and Former CAP Members
Alumni & Friends Gatherings Coming Soon!
Join us at EAA AirVenture - Saturday, July 27
Civil Air Patrol Hangar - 1545 to 1700
Save the date for an Alumni and Friends Gathering, Friday, August 9th, at 1830 in Baltimore, MD. Network with other CAP-minded individuals who live in the area or are in town. Look for more details in future e-newsletters or click below to be added to the notification list.
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