Monday March 11, 2024

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New Blockchain Payment System Unveiled By BRICS To Rival USD...

The BRICS nations are actively collaborating to strengthen emerging economies, aiming to counterbalance the political and financial dominance of developed Western powers. 

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Bitcoin ATH Drama Continues As Inflation Eases Out...

The overall cryptocurrency market valuation has surged past $2.7 trillion. Bitcoin (BTC) remained steady for a few days before making a strong move not too long ago, surpassing $70,000 for the first time ever, only to face a sharp rejection shortly after.

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Legal Troubles Lead To Binance Halting All Nigerian Currency Services...

Earlier this week, Binance declared its decision to halt all services involving the Nigerian naira, citing an ongoing legal conflict between the U.S.-based cryptocurrency company and Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa.

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FBI Report Reveals Massive Losses Due To Crypto Scams...

The United States experienced a notable surge of 53% in losses linked to cryptocurrency investment scams during 2023, reaching a cumulative sum of $3.94 billion, as indicated by a recent report issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

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Worldcoin Ordered To Stop Collecting Data By Spanish Agency...

The Spanish government has directed the human identity-focused crypto project Worldcoin (WLD) to halt its data collection activities in the country following numerous complaints by customers.

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MicroStrategy To Buy Even More BTC By Selling $600 Million In Private Notes...

MicroStrategy recently made an announcement regarding its intention to offer $600 million in aggregate principal convertible senior notes due 2030.

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Crypto Fundraising February 27 - March 4...

It has been an incredible week for companies around the globe in terms of securing funding to fuel their growth and innovation. Here are some of the latest investment highlights between February 27th-March 4th.


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Buying Bitcoin Today Will Change Your Life (Mini Documentary)

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