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Catch of the Day!
We've hauled some handsome new acquisitions into the boat this past month, and we are pleased to share them with you!    


Australia by Northfield James Northfield, Australia - Great Barrier Coral Reef, c. 1935

In the 1930s, James Northfield, along with Percy Trompf, created the most iconic travel posters for the newly established Australian National Travel Association (ANTA). This classic, cleverly showing the attractions both above and below the waters of the Great Barrier Reef, is as spectacular as it is rare.


Tourism to Australia became feasible in the Thirties with the advent of faster long-haul aviation. ANTA's posters focused on the exotic natural beauty of the continent. Not surprisingly, the Great Barrier Reef was featured in several images, none more delightful than this.

Mittelmeer_horizLudwig Hohlwein, Mittelmeer - Fahrten, Norddeustcher Lloyd Bremen, 1913   


The exotic allure of a North African cruise is poetically evoked in this masterpiece by Ludwig Hohlwein. With its striking design, rich color palette, and exquisitely crafted surface, it is a prime example of why Hohlwein is considered by many to be the greatest of German poster artists.


Posters with beautiful printing are the hardest to appreciate on a computer screen, and this is no exception.  It is a treasure for the eyes that must be seen in person.



StatendamA.M. Cassandre, New Statendam for Real Comfort - Holland-America Line, 1929 


This dramatic poster by Cassandre is the perfect expression of the Art Deco style.  Power and speed are the message of the streamlined, geometric design of ventilation cowls and smoke stacks. Even the wavy smoke trail evokes the rhythmic, abstract designs of the Jazz Age.

Cassandre burst on the Paris scene in the mid-'20s and was soon recognized as the father of a new, Machine Age poster style. Strongly influenced by modern art developments in Paris, his posters shocked the public with their dynamic spatial arrangements and abstract geometry. His travel posters for the Normandie, Etoile du Nord, and Nord Express, all created in the late '20s and early '30s, are among the most recognized posters ever. In 1936, he was honored with a one-man show at the Museum of Modern Art.

Florio et MarsalaLeonetto Cappiello, Florio et Marsala, 1930 

Cappiello made nearly 1000 posters, and it is hazardous to pick your favorite. But to many, this is certainly at or near the top. This is his second poster for Cinzano, this time advertising two aperitifs, so he added a second fanciful zebra to drive home the point.


This is the only time we have had the rare menu format (10 x 14 inches), which is every bit as strong as the full size poster. 


Dartmouth 1939Ostberg, Dartmouth Winter Carnival, 1939 


This year marks the 100th Anniversary of the Dartmouth Winter Carnival, a winter celebration at Dartmouth College which combined sporting and social events that came to be called "The Mardi Gras of the North." This poster for the 1939 event coincided with the Hollywood release of the comedy "Winter Carnival" starring Ann Sheridan.


The Carnival was the creation of Fred Harris, a devoted undergraduate sportsman who established the Dartmouth Outing Club in 1909. Harris had a profound impact on both the popularity of skiing at Dartmouth and across the United States.  In 1920, after having his article on the club published in National Geographic, applications to Dartmouth tripled.

Ducastel_editedAlain Fleuri, T�l�vision Ducastel, c. 1960  


Television was the defining consumer creation of the  Baby Boom Generation, and was featured prominently in posters as every household considered a first purchase.


This delightful French poster uses wit and hip design to concisely communicate its message -- that TV makes things look just as real as the real thing.  One of our favorites!

The DoorsVictor Moscoso, The Doors at the Avalon, 1967  

The gallery is thrilled to have acquired a major collection of counterculture rock posters from the late Sixties and early Seventies. The "Summer of Love" in 1967 ushered in a brief but spectacular poster craze centered around San Francisco, recalling the floral excesses of Art Nouveau, the pulsating after-images of Op-Art, and the bizarre juxtapositions of Surrealism. In style, it was the exact opposite of the rational and legible Swiss Style that took hold in the corporate communication around the globe at the same time.


Our acquisition features a nearly complete set of Fillmore West posters, where many of the great concerts of the era were staged by rock impresario Bill Graham (Grateful Dead, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, The Doors, Janis Joplin, etc). 


In addition, there is a fine selection of Family Dog posters from the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco, as well as most of the posters from Victor Moscoso's kaleidoscopic "Neon Rose" series for the Marty Balin's Matrix club.


Most of these are shockingly affordable and nearly all are in mint condition. Some of them are hand signed by the artist.



View all of our Rock posters here! 



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