JUNE 4, 2024

Brothers & Sisters, 

When is the last time you felt the Spirit of God speak into your life? 

I am not talking about the good feeling you get when we sing together in church or the momentary widening of perspective when you take in a beautiful sunset. God presence can certainly be felt in moments like those. 

But I am asking about the last time you discerned the still small voice that got your attention. You sat up straight. It made you stop and reconsider your perspective, behavior or plans. Maybe it manifested as a brand new idea out of the clear blue. Or maybe it was the re-manifestation of the same sign, experience or Voice that finally made you consider the Source. 

I believe the Holy Spirit spoke into my life just yesterday. 

A trusted friend reached out to me, surprised me by encouraging me toward a specific personal goal. What this person had no knowledge of is that for several months I had been considering the very idea. In fact, they were the third person in as many months to mention it to me. 

Random coincidence? Funny happenstance? Perhaps.

But I sat up straight. After the conversation I prayed, asking God to give me insight and wisdom regarding the idea. I felt confirmation in my heart that I should move forward - relying on the help and strength of the Holy Spirit.

My prayer for our church this summer is that we would seek to know more about and encounter the Holy Spirit of God, individually and collectively. May God speak to us through scripture, prayer, the natural world, mature Christian friends and the circumstances in our lives.

If you would be interested in a 7-day devotional on the Holy Spirit, check out this free plan on our church's page in the Bible App!

We look forward to seeing you this weekend as we continue our 10-week series called “Summer in the Spirit”, devoted to studying the person, presence and power of the Holy Spirit in our individual lives and the life of God’s Church. 

With hope,

Pastor Nathan

BEYOND refresh - Announcement!

This Sunday, June 9, we will be sharing the results of our BEYOND refresh Celebration Sunday.

Some households made brand new commitments to year 2 of BEYOND, while others felt called to increase their giving for year 2.

If you would like to turn in your BEYOND refresh commitment card before this coming Sunday to help "move the needle" even farther, please click here for the online form!


Atlanta Braves Outing

We are taking our church bus over to watch the Atlanta Braves on

Saturday, August 24th, departing at 2p for the game at 7:20p (EST).

This events is open to any church member or household -

but we only have 24 tickets/bus seats!

~ First come, first served ~

Register by clicking the image above or here!

$5 Mission Challenges June 2nd - 22nd

The Rainbow Room Needs Volunteers!

Rainbow Room Volunteers Needed

Come and volunteer your time on Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30a in the Rainbow Room!

The Rainbow Room is our special needs ministry at CARB! To volunteer, click the link below!

Rainbow Room Volunteer Sign Up


We are gearing up for VBS!

VBS is July 22nd - 25th!

We STILL need 20 adult volunteers and 15 youth volunteers!

Please look over each volunteer slot and sign up!

Youth slots have specific age requirements!

All volunteers MUST have a background check, which the church will provide!

To sign up, click the link below!


Bridge Kids News!!!


July 22nd - 25th

For children ENTERING Kindergarten - 5th grades

Morning Session ONLY:

Time: 9a-12p

Cost: $10 per child

Morning Session + Extended Day

(ONLY 12 Spots Remain for extended day):

Time: 9a - 3p

Cost: $35 Per child

You MUST pay to hold your spot!



Upcoming Events

June 6th

All Middle Schoolers, we are going to ACTIVATE!!!

The event will last from 4pm-6pm!!

Please register to go here! We have 40 spots available!

On the registration, please let us know if your student will need a ride from the Church. (Only have room for 24, so first come first serve!)

Your student cannot go unless registered!

Have your student bring $12 for the activity! 

Any questions or concerns please message me at: lawson@rossbridge.church

June 13th

On June 13th we are going to the Birmingham Barons Game!

You can register for this event here!

Offering rides to those who need it for the first 24 students! First come first serve!!!

Your student can bring $7 that day or pay online at rossbridge.church/give - just make sure in the memo it says Bridge Students Barons game.

The Barons stadium is CARD ONLY!!!! If your student wants food/souvenirs they will need a debit/credit card!

Please email me at lawson@rossbridge.church for any questions or concerns.

Be on the lookout for updates on these events, and for any pop up events!

To start receiving these updates email me at: lawson@rossbridge.church.

Bridge Student T-Shirts!

Bridge Student T-Shirts are here! First batch is available now! 

Shirts are $10 a piece. ($12 for XXL, $14 for XXL +) 

Click here to order your shirt(s) now!!!

Click Here to pay for your shirt(s)!!!!

Must register by June 4th for this batch. Another batch will be ordered at the end of the summer, if there is enough interest!