Shape-Up Announces NEW Installation of Bipolar Ionization, an Emerging Technology that Provides Solutions for Healthier and Safer Indoor Environments.
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Bipolar Ionization (also called needlepoint bipolar ionization) is an emerging technology that can be used in HVAC systems to generate positively and negatively charged particles. This technology can reduce bacteria, mold, and viruses, including SARS-2-CoV, the virus that causes COVID-19.
We are excited to announce building management has installed an advanced purification technology in the HVAC system to help protect tenants and club members throughout the entire building.

The air and surfaces within Shape-Up are now even cleaner! VOCs are broken down inside the HVAC, resulting in fresher air, while breaking down potential allergens -- creating a safer environment for us to exercise in.

Large Venues & Medical Facilities Employ Bipolar Ionization...
Hospitals including Johns Hopkins, Children's Hospital Boston and the University of Maryland Medical Center have embraced the technology.

Important: Please help us maximize the performance of this system by keeping the doors closed, allowing peak efficiency, as well as reducing dust. You will notice the difference the next time you come into the club!