August 1, 2022

Historical Marker Tour

Have you ever passed one of these black historic markers and wondered what it says and why it is significant?

We have solved this problem! We are excited to announce our release of an interactive tour of the locations of each of the county's historic markers READ MORE

You are able to take this north to south tour from the Historical Society's website. TAKE THE TOUR

Mark Holt, President of the Historical Society said “This new web-based history tour is another great example of the Historical Society creating educational programs for our community.”


The Dolphinettes

The Dolphinettes were a local synchronized swimming team. They were formed in 1951-52 and were directed by Mildred "Millie" Frasier Bunnell. They performed in the region and, in 1953, the Dolphinettes appeared in the Esther Williams film Easy to Love.

Best known as a group of young ladies from Vero Beach High School, the Dolphinettes also originally included twelve young men in 1952-53. Over time, there were over 65 young women, some only participating a year of two.

Here is a video of a Dolphinette practice we found on YouTube. CLICK HERE The video was taken at "The Florida Pool" also known as the Esther Williams Pool at the old Cypress Gardens, Winter Haven, FL. Cypress Gardens opened in 1936 and closed in 2009. The property is now Legoland.