Beautification Project at Pima Gate

There have been many positive comments received over the past several weeks from residents and visitors alike, regarding the beautification underway at the Pima gate entrance. This beautification effort will undoubtedly enhance both the perception and the values of the Sincuidados community.

However, it seems that some residents are unhappy with this beautification effort, particularly the decomposed granite (DG) that has been used as the surface finish at the Pima gate.

The community is reminded that proposals were solicited from various landscape contractors starting last fall. Ultimately, a very favorable proposal was received from Desert Foothills Landscaping that included the restoration and reapplication of the decomposed granite that had been in place at the Pima gate for many years. The contract was approved by the previous board and subsequently signed by the President of that board.

Recently, the newly elected board was asked by a resident to reconsider the use of decomposed granite at the Pima gate. The alternative proposed was what is referred to as Desert Pavement, which is an unmanicured desert surface.

The board reconsidered this request at a special meeting last week. Ultimately, the board decided against Desert Pavement for several reasons.

  • The previous board had already approved the contract with Desert Foothills, which included the restoration of the existing DG
  • The application of Desert Pavement would likely result in ongoing maintenance to refresh and restore the surface due to erosion caused by heavy rains and wind
  • installation of Desert Pavement would result in increased costs now and ongoing maintenance fees later
  • Other high-end communities throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area, such as Paradise Valley, typically use decomposed granite to landscape and control erosion

One of the charter responsibilities of the HOA is to enhance the values of the community as well as to be good stewards of the community's finances. There is no question that the work being done at the Pima entrance will help improve property values within Sincuidados, as well as the perceptions of current and future residents.

Making Progress

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May 16, 2023