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Antique Italian Festival
memorabilia raises $$$ for Saint Leo's
"Thanks for orchestrating this. Very cool to preserve this
history and know that it included our very own blood."
~ Andy Moriconi
With the two collections of Italian Festival sashes, ribbons and pins donated to Saint Leo's Church by the Moriconi and Petrella families (see story >>>), the director of Promotion Center for Little Italy created three shadow boxes which now hang in the church (Stiles Street entrance in small hallway near elevator). As a fundraiser for Saint Leo's Church, the duplicates in the collection were offered for purchase online and in only a few short weeks, sold out of the ribbons and most pins.
See below for the few ribbons and pins still available for purchase as
a donation to Saint Leo's.
The three shadow boxes filled with the vintage collection of Italian Festival antique ribbons, pins and sashes hang in St. Leo's Church (Stiles Street entrance in small hallway near elevator).
Antique sash ⬆️
Feast of Saint Anthony Festival
(only 1 available)
$75 donation
includes 3 complimentary
small pins
Italian Festival small pins ⬆️
Saint Anthony & Child
your choice - $5 donation

Antique Sash ⬆️
$40 donation (only 1 available)
includes 3 complimentary small pins

Two 1922 Ribbon Pins,
Roma Lazio Society
Segretario di Fin.
(Financial Secretary)
Tesoriere (Treasurer)

both for $35 donation
includes 3 complimentary
small pins

around the neighborhood
and in the news
Vaccaro's newest
cannoli beer
1623 Brewing Company in Eldersburg, Maryland is at it again, having teamed up with Vaccaro’s Pastry Shop in Little Italy to brew “Cannoli Cowboy,” an inventive milk stout made with cannoli shells. For almost three years, 1623 has partnered with Vaccaro’s, taking pounds of cannoli shells, tossing them into their mash tun, and adding cinnamon and nutmeg.
Dreidel parade on scooters
zip through Little Italy

Yeshivas Lubavitch of Baltimore seminary students rode scooters through Little Italy and nearby Baltimore neighborhoods with a purpose on the first night of Hanukkah last month ... to spread the miracle of Hanukkah. They thought the "coolest and most fun way" to spread the light of Hanukkah was to dress up in dreidel costumes on LED-menorah-lit scooters ... life-size dreidels on wheels. A giant menorah in the back of a pickup truck followed. "It's a great way to share our faith," said one student, " ... the victory of light over darkness and how a little light can expel dark, hate and negativity."
Click on image below for full story on WBAL TV-11
With each generation, elements of our traditional Italian heritage tend to fade due to neglect, heritage blending and other changes. Many families have traditions rooted in that Italian heritage. Based on your experience, which two traditions reflecting our heritage do you believe are most important to preserve and pass onto the next generation, why do you think these two are especially important, and how do you plan to ensure they are preserved?

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2023 scholarships are offered for undergraduate studies. Students may find the application and eligibility requirements on Deadline for submissions is May 1, 2023.
blast from the past
Graduates of Saint Leo’s School
(circa 1936)

submitted by Rosanna Monaldi Biscotti

"My mother, Maria Vidi Monaldi, with her twin brother, Pietro Vidi, on their graduation day. My mother later married Olindo Monaldi and became a lifelong resident of Little Italy, settling on Trinity Street. She had seven children who attended Saint Leo’s School and received all of their sacraments at Saint Leo's Church. She helped to raise the Monaldi Brothers musical band.

Pietro, with his and my mother's three other brothers (Pio, Fiore and Nilo) became prominent knife grinders in Baltimore, opening the Vidi Brothers Shop on Belair Road. The family recounted tough times in Northern Italy and were grateful for the opportunities America gave them."

 Include caption, people ID, location, approximate year, and your name.
Photos must be Little Italy or Italian immigrant-related.
Little Italy history books
Learn the fascinating history of The Neighborhood,
including dozens of fantastic vintage photos!
$16.99 (includes shipping)
Books are signed by the author to you or a name you specify.
Receive a complimentary festival vintage pin.

Read commemorative
booklet online
This 44-page commemorative booklet was produced for the September 2022 Little Italy Celebration by Promotion Center for Little Italy. If you missed this gem, containing the history of Saint Leo's School and vintage photos in the "Family Pages" done by some Italian Americans in our community ... you can view the booklet in its entirety by clicking on the image. All copies are depleted, and unfortunately, they are too costly for our nonprofit organization to order more.

[If anyone has one copy to spare, please email Suzanna Molino.]
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"As always, another awesome issue. I look forward to it every month. Very detailed and informative. Always uplifting."
~ Vince Zaccaria in Maryland, proud member of OSIA

"Thank you so much for the monthly notizia. It is really informative and interesting. My husband John and I went to the weekly dinners at the Little Italy Lodge when we lived in Baltimore. I just bought one of your books."
~ Rosemary Seminazzi in Florida

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