Meet Your Fellow NCs

The following NCs have come on board in recent months. We are so glad to have them as part of this remarkable team! 
Molly Yates, Camden Lane

Sydney Lin, Lake Hogan Farms Hogan Woods Circle

* Lise Williams, Oak Crest

Stella Schmaling, Quarterpath Trace
* new neighborhood as well as a new NC! 

We are always seeking additional NCs. If you know of someone outside of your neighborhood who may be well suited for the role of Neighborhood Coordinator, please send them a compelling note explaining why you do this work and how rewarded you feel by it. You can pass along the link to our Neighborhood Coordinator information page, which gets into the nuts and bolts of what NCs do; it includes this very handy video. 

Becoming an NC is a great opportunity for high schoolers looking to gain leadership experience before they head to college!
Encourage anyone interested in becoming a Neighborhood Coordinator to get in
touch with us at