Meet Your Fellow NCs

The following NCs have come on board in recent months. We are so glad to have them as part of this awesome team! 
Tabitha Elien and Molly Yates, Camden Lane

* Karen Miller, Church of Reconciliation 

* Donna Moss, Holy Trinity Anglican Church 

Matthew Kilgallen, Lake Hogan Farm - The Legends & Ballentine
Sarah Kappelman, Lake Hogan Farm - Turtleback Crossing 

* Jenn Monshaugen, Lanier Drive

Keerthi Madhavapeddi, Piney Mountain

* Meg Stouffer, The Shire 
 Ryan Davis, Wexford 

* Angela Yang, Windhover Drive 

 Susan Romaine, Winmore Drive 

* Elizabeth Wilkes, Winsome Lane 

* new neighborhood as well as a new NC! 

New Neighborhood Coordinator Jenn Monshaugen (pictured below) reported that she had a great time going door to door (along with her husband and their dog) handing out paper bags and information cards to explain how PORCH collections work. They met lots of neighbors who are excited to donate non-perishable food items! 

Phil Travers and Stephanie Shipman (pictured at bottom) are Neighborhood Coordinators in Falconbridge and have collected non-perishable food donations from their neighbors for 16 consecutive months! Such dedication! Thank you.