How do you keep your energy up this holiday season?

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Here we go: keep the energy up this holiday season. With cold rain and snow in the mountains (in town, too!) and the calendar filling up with invitations, church and musical events, shopping to do and cards to write, exhaustion follows excitement. Where did the year go?

I'm re-fueling at my timeshare on the Mayan Riviera on the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. It's hot down here. The sand is white, the fish and sea turtles in the still waters of Akumal Bay beautiful, the marguaritas refreshing. I'll be back in Seattle on the 9th, ready to put my tree up and welcome the families. It's not all rose-colored glasses in my family. Maybe relationships aren't perfect in yours, either. Wanting everyone to be happy together adds pressure to the season. Breathe, take long walks if only in the mall or on the treadmill. I prefer to get the Gortex on and walk the beach at Lincoln Park, Alki or Golden Gardens. If this is an exhausting time for you, read on for some ideas about how to keep the energy up when body and spirit flag.

Tips for keeping your energy up this holiday.

Traveling this holiday? Does it wear you out? Either driving or flying can take its toll. Getting sleepy on the road with the wind shield wipers crashing side to side is a terrible hazard. Are you working all day and still trying to fit in shopping for the tree and gifts? What do you do to keep going?

Lots of people grab a candy bar in the late afternoon. Or maybe a latte. There are so many energy drinks at the check out counter in the grocery store. But are they safe? Do you really want coffee in the later afternoon?

Please consider Energy Chews as an alternative. When my sister-in-law opened her suitcase here in Mexico, out came a bag of Energy Chews. She eats a couple when the mid-morning crash comes on. Billed by Shaklee as a sports nutrition item, those of us who need a healthy pick me up and never run, jog or play soccer any more, find Energy Chews make all the difference. The science behind Energy Chews is here.

Try them today.

News From You from Jayme Curley's recent newsletter.

 "Jayme, You'll be interested in a note I just received from my stepdaughter, Gwynn Derrick in Virginia.  She's a nurse; she & her husband travel a lot.  Family members in various states (Virginia, Tennessee, the Carolinas, Georgia) call on her whenever they are having a medical emergency, & many of them have had emergencies lately for various reasons.  She's been doing a lot of night driving!
      She wrote:  'Helen, thank you for the Shaklee Energy Chews.  I have never seen a   product like that & we are keeping them in the car.  What a great idea to have a Chew ready when we feel sleepy while driving.  That is a much better choice than my usual M&Ms.  Thank you so much!!'
     There is also a night worker in the family; a nurse raising three boys, who's often very tired when "On Call."  Chews help her through!      Love, Helen."

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Keep your energy up! Betsy

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