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You, Me, and Spirit

Happy autumn!

Today's daily email message from tut.com arrived in my Inbox and reading it made me think back to Tuesday, September 17th, the last water adventure for me until next summer (that I know of) - and what an adventure it was!

One of life's most elusive lessons, Joyce, saved for only the wise and peculiar, is that there's nothing, ever, to be unhappy about.

Unless, of course, you lose sight of the big picture, think the illusions are real, or forget there's no such place as far away.

The Universe

From a higher perspective, there really is nothing ever to be unhappy about. But in the course of being in a human body, the ego sure can make one feel unhappy and many other unpleasant feelings. But I think my adventure of that September day demonstrated to me that I'm getting it, getting that Life happens and we get to choose how we show up, as a "happy" camper or an "unhappy" one. It seems I'm choosing to show up as the former more and more. I am grateful.

So why did Tuesday, September 17th come to mind?

Photo courtesy of Esther Shapiro

Four of us had rented a pontoon for the day from the Bartlett Lake Marina (AZ), the 5th time we've done so over the years. This time was a bit different though in that it was a weekday and after Labor Day. We were delighted to see very few folks partying and camping along the shoreline or on the lake making noise with their speedboats and jet skis; all was peaceful, serene, and quiet. Well, if you know the parable of the Chinese farmer -- when those around him would judge an incident as "good" or "bad", he'd say "Maybe so. Maybe not. We'll see." - how true it proved during the course of our day!

We did our usual tour around the lake, then swam in one of the inlets, all the while spying eagles and herons, and soaking in the beauty of the lake, rock formations, and saguaros. It felt like  our own private lake, undisturbed by other people, delighting us all.  "Maybe so. Maybe not. We'll see." After lunch, we headed to an area we'd always gone to before...

To Live Abundantly

"Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live in every experience, painful or joyous, to live in gratitude for every moment, to live abundantly."

- Dorothy Thompson

From Here to Eternity

In my archives, I came upon this blog post I wrote 10 years ago. It is timeless.
"Savor the moment, for it is through your intention to fully embrace what is, right now, that you transform this moment into eternity." - The Voice for Love, Saturday, September 26, 2009
"Eternity" has some interesting definitions. For some folks it means existing for a limitless amount of time, and for others, it refers to a timeless existence altogether outside of time.
Living and embracing the moment for what it is right now seems like a good idea in and of itself. How I live now will determine, to some extent, how I live in the next moment and further on down the road like tomorrow.
However, I choose to use the word eternity, I know that Spirit is with me always, wherever I am. In time or outside of time, in space or outside of space, God and I are inseparable. And, that sits just fine with me.

- Joyce S. Kaye, September 26, 2009
Coral Gardeners Bring Back Jamaica's Reefs, Piece By Piece

Slowly but surely, the coral reefs in Jamaica are making a comeback.

In the 1980's and '90's, Jamaica lost 85 percent of its coral reefs due to hurricanes, over-fishing, and water pollution that caused algae and seaweed to take over. Coral sustains one-quarter of all marine species, and as the reefs disappeared in Jamaica, so did the fish.

To revive the reefs, at least 12 organizations have launched "coral nurseries" underwater. 

Сoral Gardeners of Jamaica
Сoral Gardeners of Jamaica

General Computer Use/Technology
How Can I Find A Lost Folder in Outlook?

I use Microsoft® Outlook 2016 to manage my emails, calendar , tasks, contacts, and more . This program is not be confused with Outlook.com, previously known as Hotmail and Windows Live -- although I can't blame you if you did get confused! Couldn't Microsoft have come up with another name?!...
Anyway, recently I inadvertently moved a folder and then couldn't find it! I was able to find messages in the folder, and looking at their properties gave me the name of the folder, but not where it was located. As I did not want to have to manually look in every folder in the hierarchy, I did some research, followed what I learned, and voila!, easily located the folder.

Here's what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation.  
  1. Search All Mail Items for an email message that you know is in the folder.
  2. Open the email message.
  3. Press CTRL+SHIFT+F to open the Advanced Find dialog window.
  4. In the window that pops up, one of the search options is "In:" with a "Browse..." button. Press that button.

  5. A window pops up with folder hierarchy.





You can view the folder the email message is in and where it is in the folder hierarchy.

Computer Lessonsspecial-price

Email Marketingemailmktg
How to Write a "Thank You" Email 

As a business owner, you probably owe a lot of thanks - especially to your customers. It's your customers that help you grow, improve, and achieve success.
Saying "Thank you" to your customers for doing business with you, providing feedback, or for helping your business achieve milestones will let them know how much you value them.
Sending an email is one of the easiest ways to convey how thankful you are. An email also gives you the chance to build brand familiarity, share an added incentive, and keep the communication going.
But, the problem many business owners face is not knowing how to write a thank-you email.

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Website Design and Development websites
Bulk Editing

Last month I discussed reasons why you might want to disable comments. I also provided instructions for not allowing comments for all future posts in your WordPress website.
Well, what about it you want to disable comments already posted? There's a quick way to disable comments en masse - using the Bulk Edit feature in WordPress. You can also use Bulk Edit for updating the status of your posts and pages, changing author names, or improving your SEO.

It's quick and easy - learn how in this post I wrote some time ago but is still applicable.

This time of year, between the waning summer heat and the emerging cool, shorter days, begins a time for slowing down and going inward more often.

May the fall season provide you its own unique nourishment.

Namasté -

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