There are five common types of change, often quite disruptive, that I see my clients in all industries dealing with today:

  1. Mergers, acquisitions and integrations.
  2. A new CEO, leadership team, or changing of the board.
  3. Layoffs.
  4. Regulatory pressures.
  5. Dynamic shifts in the marketplace.

Here are three things that help every leader drive change successfully:

  1. Timely, transparent, balanced communication.
  2. Thoughtfully scanning the environment for rumors, anxieties and disruptions to productivity.
  3. Providing genuine reassurance that employees and customers will always come first.

When you learn how to mitigate the disruption inherent in major change, you exponentially increase organizational buy-in and minimize resistance that can stop progress in its tracks.

You can read more about controlling what you can control in the face of change by using my Control, Influence, Adapt tool (CIA) here, or watch a short video explaining: how taking the time to be thoughtful, strategic, and deliberate helps leaders get better, more sustainable results

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To your continued success!

Dr. Liz

PS: I'd love to know, what's your biggest challenge in leading through change? What can I write about to help you today?