September 2018
" The time has come the time is now " -Dr. Seuss
The time has come to start thinking about what we can do to prepare for the fall and winter seasons. Autumn is more than storing away the lawn furniture and raking up leaves. It's also the time for late aeration, dormant applications, watering, and winter pruning. We have included some important steps to take care of your trees and lawn from future damage and disease.

Lawn aeration needs to be scheduled
If your lawn gets heavy use, dries out easily, or was recently established then it is time to aerate. September is the time to aerate along with fertilizing to stimulate root growth before the ground freezes. When soil is compact it doesn’t allow plant's roots to grow and get the nutrition they need. A good way to allow nutrients and water to penetrate your grass is lawn aeration. Aeration will remove about 10 percent of thatch and improve the root zone. If you have not already done so, contact us today to schedule your aeration service.
Timing is everything
Mites, aphids, and scales are known to cause serious damage to our trees and plants. Many times it is hard to detect them before it is too late. We recommend two dormant oil applications. It should be applied when the trees are completely dormant, one in fall then one in spring before new growth occurs. Fall dormant oil applications will smother overwintering insects and their eggs. Plus it can prevent powdery mildew. You have insurance for your health, cars, and homes so why not your trees? [Think of the dormant oil application as tree insurance against insects. Spraying oils too early or late can cause damage to your trees. If you plan on using a horticulture oil please speak to a professional.]
Pruning before the snow flies
As we have seen in Colorado we experience freak storms. Storms with high winds, rain, hail, and early snow fall weaken branches which can cause some serious damage. Deciduous trees with spread branches are more likely to be damaged by heavy snowfall than trees with steeper angled branches. Even if branches don't fall on anything, there is s till cost in removing downed debris. It is highly recommended to prune young and mature trees as we roll into the dormant season. Plus, it's easier to identify dead branches.
Snow in early fall, when the tree is filled with leaves, could add unbearable weight.
10% OFF
We offer a winter discount for any pruning or removal service authorized to do in between 12/1/18 - 3/1/19. Dormant pruning fills up quickly so call today!
If you leave leaf material from old trees with disease it could propagate and pass along the disease to healthier trees and grass. Also, a thick layer of leaves can invite unwanted pests, mold, and brown patches. This will cause a barrier that blocks roots from receiving nutrients and oxygen that it so craves. Mowing and raking is essential, it’s not just about tidiness, it is a matter of lawn and tree health.
Autumn Tree Lawn & Landscape
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