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In this week’s edition: National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is 1 step on a long journey, says Murray Sinclair, 1:1 Peer Support Program You're there for them, we're here for you , Webinars for Career Professionals topics and dates and Virtual youth committee volunteer opportunity.
National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is 1 step on a long journey, says Murray Sinclair

Former senator and TRC head discusses how far Canada’s come on reconciliation, and how much more we have to do

As Canada's first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation approaches, Murray Sinclair says it's important to remember there's still much more work to do.

"I did say ... at the end of the TRC report that we will not achieve reconciliation in my lifetime. We will probably not achieve it in the lifetime of my children. We may not even achieve it in the lifetime of my grandchildren," Sinclair, a former senator and chief commissioner of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), told Unreserved host Rosanna Deerchild.
"But if we make a concerted effort ... then eventually we will be able, some day, to wake up and, to our surprise, find that we are treating each other in a way that was intended when contact was first made."
The TRC, which released 94 calls to action in 2015, found that 4,100 named and unnamed students died in residential schools across Canada. Sinclair estimates the true number may be closer to 25,000 students.
This past spring, hundreds of potential unmarked graves were found at the sites of several former residential schools across Canada. In response, the federal government unanimously passed legislation in May to create the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

The day, Sept. 30., is a federal statutory holiday, and will apply to federally regulated workers. Some, but not all, provinces and territories are also observing the holiday with a day off for provincial and territorial workers and schools.
1:1 Peer Support Program You're there for them, we're here for you
As caregivers, we understand how
overwhelming caregiving can sometimes be.
We all face challenges on this journey and that
is why the Ontario Caregiver Organization and
the Victorian Order of Nurses have partnered
to ensure you have the support that you need
when it best suits your schedule.
Connect with an experienced caregiver who
will be there for you as you navigate your
caregiving journey.
You’re not alone.
The Ontario Caregiver Organization and the
  • Victorian Order of Nurses are here for you.

Questions? Contact our program lead at
or 416-362-2273 X1016

Renate Fries
Caregiver Education & Support Coordinator
T: 905-523-1055 ext. 408
Webinars for Career Professionals topics and dates
Check out over 10 webinars for professionals working in career development from learning providers in Canada, the U.S. and internationally this October. Topics include: supporting individuals with sight loss in careers work, career and program assessment, and hybrid career fairs.
Looking for more learning opportunities? Check out our roundup of “Conferences for career professionals in fall 2021.”
Oct. 6, 13 & 20
The use of technology and working remotely comes with new and evolving ethical considerations while the demand for services has put self-care and resilience on the back burner. Learn the importance of maintaining the highest ethical standards in your practice as well as the possible pitfalls and dangers of common mistakes.
Don’t miss co-presenter Dr. Jody Hawley’s CareerWise blog on “The journey for a professional ethical identity.”
Oct. 13
This webinar will address the following:
  • What is vision loss?
  • What language to use and how to interact?
  • What specific barriers to be aware of when individuals with sight loss are looking to get back into the workforce and how to navigate
  • What types of careers and how to explore career choices
  • What supports and programs are available
Check out co-presenters Samantha Dyton and Lyndsey Rosevear’s CareerWise blog on “Supporting individuals with sight loss in career services.”
Oct. 14
This webinar will examine the role of assessment in career learning, looking at key differences between quantitative and qualitative career learning tools, the concept of fairness, and key considerations in the development and use of qualitative career learning tools.
Oct. 14
Discussion topics include: learning and development’s growing profile and demonstrating value to the organization; the current state of learning measurement and how to improve upon it; and what operational data is and how to use it.
Sign Up to Youth Committee & Receive $10.00 Gift Card Of Your Choice
Workforce Planning Hamilton is seeking young professionals interested in digital job development in the Hamilton region. WPH has been able to connect with you individually to discuss our upcoming Virtual Youth Committee.

The goal for this committee is to develop a community wide strategy to support high youth unemployment rates and to assist youth in the Hamilton region in navigating labour market information. This committee of youth and employers will be able to create a digital platform that will feature centralized information for youth in Hamilton. Our hope is that this information will ultimately help youth with networking opportunities, hiring processes, employer advice, and provide youth with a better grasp of what Hamilton’s labour market reveals to support with employment decisions.

Please reach out if you 15-29 years old and send your resume before Friday October 29th, 2021 : info@workforceplanninghamilton.ca 

The Hamilton COVID Concierge for Business is a one-stop online resource centre and phone line dedicated to supporting Hamilton businesses with their COVID-19 business questions and concerns.
Hamilton businesses can call the COVID Concierge at 905-521-3989 (Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm) or Contact Us online.

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