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National Coloring book Day

August Coupons Are Out! And Some Web Site Tips Too!

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National Coloring Book Day

A (Short) History of Coloring Books

The history of coloring books can be traced back to the 17th century when the concept of coloring illustrations began to emerge in Europe. They were initially intended for an adult audience and hand-painted by skilled artists. These early coloring books often featured intricate designs and detailed scenes meant to be colored with watercolors or other artistic mediums. It was in the 19th century that coloring books started to be produced for children... click to read full article

In honor of National Coloring Book Day create a 8 page coloring book created from one piece of letter size paper. It is a bilingual coloring book teaching colors and numbers one through ten in English and Spanish. There is even a page of questions to give the kids counting practice and a chance to record their findings. The downloadable packet includes the coloring book master, lesson ideas, and directions for folding the paper into an 8 page coloring book.

Download Coloring Book Packet

August Coupons are Out! And Some Web Site Tips too!

There is a wide variety of discounts available for everyone. Our special coupons this month celebrate Women's Day (9 August) - $25 off and a course discount on the online 90 Hour School Age Curriculum - $69 off. Full details can be found on the View Discounts page.

Navigation Tips for Coupons and Finding State

Approved Course Listings

Looking for the coupons for your state? Scoll down to the bottom of the coupon page. There is a View Savings By State section title. Under the section title is a table listing all states. Click on your state abbreviation to bring up coupons specific to your state.

Not sure if the course you selected is accepted by your state? Navigate to the course page. On the right side of the page is a box labeled Approved States. All states that have approved your selected course are listed. If you click on the tab of your state a paragraph discusses the approval and lists all approved courses.

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