National Championship

League Player Evaluations

Ella Ryan #24 | 5’10” / SG

2025 Team B Wright Black

Ella is a good SG, she can handle the ball in pressure situations, makes the correct pass to get her team easy baskets, physical when going to the rim, very good 3-point shooter with no hesitation on her shot, moves well off screens and set the tempo on the game. She finished with 15 points on 4 threes made.

Addison Miranda #24 | 5'8" / SG

2025 Wisconsin Shooters Gold 16U

Addison is a knockdown shooter, she shoots a high percentage from behind the arc, she doesn't rush her shot comes within the system, moves well without the ball, and plays to her strengths, good defensive rotations and never stops playing. She finished with game-high 18 points

Chloe Pedersen #31 | 5'10” / SF

2025 Wisconsin Shooters Gold 16U

Khole is a skilled versatile player that gives matchup problems. She is a force from mid-range and in the paint. She can also stretch the floor and shoot the 3 balls. Plays good defense with her arms and good technique on how she uses her body. Finished with 13 points 10 rebounds.

Landry Murphy #22 | 6’1" / PF

2025 Gameball Fusion 2026 Elite

Landry is playing up to be as good as she is only a 2027. She has a very good skill set she can shoot the ball, put the ball on the floor and attack the rim, good floor vision, and she works hard on her craft as she continues her growth she will be a star. 17 points and the win

Mikayla Pilley #4 I 5'10" / SG

Oklahoma Swift Mathurin

Mikayla was hitting from anywhere she wanted, she has the speed and agility to attack the rim and finish in traffic. She is very efficient from the free-throw line as well. Very aggressive player on both ends of the floor and hard to stop once she gets going, she paced today’s game with 25 points

Evelyn McKnight #23 I 5'7" / PG

2026 SMAC Ballers

Evelyn is a solid scoring/passing guard who can break down a defense, she has a nice pull-up jump shot and is not afraid to take it to the basket to get her floater off. She lead SMAC with 12 points

Tess Baacke #24 | 5’7” / SG

2026 Bay State Jaguars Gold

Tess showed she was able to take control with her offensive scoring attack. She attacks the rim at all costs, finishes in traffic, can shoot the ball exceptionally well, and has good court awareness. Solid performance with 15 points

Logan Luebbers-Palmer #33 | 5’10” / SF

2024 KY Fusion

Logan showed pure dominance in the first half, hitting from all cylinders. She was connecting from layups, and a mid-range shot, and pulled the defense out for a 3-pointer. Moves well on both ends of the floor She can run positions 1-4 on the court and guard the opposite put on 20 points in their win

Mary Kate Kent #12 I 5'5" / SG

2024 East Coast United Navy

Mary is a sharpshooter that doesn’t need any time to get her shot off from deep, when they say shooters shoot, she has that. Runs off screens sharp to get herself open. Mary is the type of player that if you need a quick 3 she is going to give it to you, as I remember she was at 6 3’s and counting for 20 plus points

Gracen Gehrke #2 I 5’8" / SG

2024 Meanstreets Collier

Grace is a solid skilled player who can run the guard position and shooting guard, she has a night shot from 15 feet and can stretch it out more. She attacks the rim with force and puts pressure on the defense. Vocal pedal on the defensive side her team can get in help-side, she paced her team with 17 points


Sydney Bass #34 I 5’10" / SG

2025 SMAC Future

Sydney had a variety of moves in her skill set which allows her to play multiple positions, she has a high percentage rate from 3 as she knocked down 4 in her evening game, she moves well on both ends of the ball, and she can recover in the backside and protect the basket she led SMAC with 22 points

Kennedi Neale #20 I 5’10" / SG

2025 SMAC Future

Kennedi set the tone early with her shot-making from the 3-point line, she has a pace that fits her style and when she gets moving around the arc she is a good shooter, she also connected on all her free throws being 4-4 and helped to lead her team to a win with 10 points

Anna Green #10 I 6’0"

2025 Lone Star Magic

Anna is a workhorse who fights hard on every possession she can score in a variety of ways; she has good footwork to take you off the dribble and nice shots if you leave her open as she paced her team with 11 points

Nevaeh Caffey #2 I 5’10" / SG

2024 Phee Elite Olfuson 17U

Nevaeh came out quickly, set the tone, and didn’t look back with her offensive moves, she is very shifty with the ball and has good court awareness and a very good IQ of the game, she always makes an impact on the game when her shot isn't falling, she was still able to put in a crucial 16 points to lead the way

Grace Kingery #25 I 6’0" / SG

2024 SMAC Attack

Grace brings her whole arsenal when she steps on the court even with her frame, she will post you up and give you some good footwork and score, or she will give you a little bit of Kevin Durant and shoot the mid-range or drop the long 3 ball on you she has the whole package by scoring an impressive 20 points

Kiyoko Proctor #3 I 5’6" / PG

2025 TTG Free Agents

Kiyoko is a quick guard that can slice her way through the paint with the ball and get to her spot. She shoots a very high percentage from the 3 as she led her team with 4 deep balls and 20 points

Journey Hilderbrand #3 I 5’11" / SF

2024 SMAC Attack

Journey has the skill set to defend multiple positions but is even more deadly when she puts the ball on the floor and takes it to the basket, she forces the defense to foul her when she is in attack mode, and she can shoot the ball from deep, which gives her another matchup problem as she chipped in a much needed 10 points.

Tanna Saddler #34 I 6’1" / SF

2025 TTG Free Agents

Tanna is a solid force in the paint she grabs multiple rebounds for putbacks, forces the defense to collapse on her, and draws a lot of fouls. Saddler can also pull you to the outside and shoot the 3 which is impressive she just isn’t working on her inside game she can stretch the floor and shoot it from the outside also hitting on 3, three-pointers and ending with 15 points

Hilary Shikuku #20 I 5’7" / SG

2025 Team B Wright Black

Hilary plays with a lot of confidence she is a very aggressive player attacking the basket, she plays bigger than she is, great finisher, and a good rebounder she has a nice upside to her game, she lead her team with 16 points

Kaylynn James #34 I 6’0" /

2024 Phee Elite Olufson 17U

Kaylynn is as good as she wants to be, she plays inside and outside. She moves well off screens to get open around the perimeter to knock down the open shot, or she will drive the ball to the rim for an easy layup. She has big player potential and put in 11 points in the Nationals Championship

Zoe Best #0 I 5’10" / SF

2024 Phee Elite Olufson 17U

Ashley is a long wing player, she runs the floor, hard to get easy baskets, can shoot the three ball, is a feisty on-ball defender who goes after loose balls moves well on the defensive side, and plays good help-side defense.

Audrey Parker #5 I 6'0" / SF

2026 SMAC Ballers

Audrey is a long-wing player that has a big upside to her game, she goes after loose balls or anything that comes her way. She runs the floor well and attacks the basket at all costs, she will be something special paced Smac with 11 points

Tatum Smith #42 I 5’10" / SF

2026 SMAC Ballers

Tatum is a very versatile player; she has the skill set to shoot the long-range ball and beat you off the dribble and attack the basket. Moves well off the ball to get open, and she also shares the ball and looks for the open player, she set the tone and finished with 12 points

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