I would love to speak at your upcoming events in 2024.

Some topics.

  1. How your past does not dictate your future.
  2. When you let go, it opens up a space to let us grow.
  3. Who do you see in the mirror?
  4. How God can breathe new life into dead dreams.
  5. Themed and tailored messages for your event.
  6. Are you stuck in the sand?
  7. I can speak at your school, church, and homeschools.
  8. Look for my new training on researching as a writer debuting in March.

Connect with Jo

In Their Hands, Inc.

Please visit the new website for our nonprofit working in literacy. If you are a children's author, connect with me. I would love to promote your book. Build your own book nook, download fun activity pages and more. We continue to add new things.

Visit our new website.

Jo Jo the Clown

I would love to visit your classroom or place of business and read to the children. I'm excited to see my first in a series of middle-grade books debuting in the fall of 2024.

Connect with Jo

January is National Braille Literacy Month

My book involves Louis Braille, and how appropriate to celebrate this man’s life. He was born on January 4, 1809 in Coupvray, France.

Because of an eye injury at three, Louis lost sight in both eyes.

Louis invented what we know today as the Braille system when he was a teenager.

Do you notice when you enter an elevator that the numbers are in braille?

Look around you this month and take a photo when you see something in braille. I would love to share it.

Send your photos.
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