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Citing an imperative to take a lifecycle approach to build a healthy community in Western North Carolina, Nantahala Health Foundation's Board of Directors recently announced changes to our defined funding needs and priorities. Nonprofit and local government leaders are strongly encouraged to review these changes prior to seeking upcoming funding opportunities made available by Nantahala Health Foundation.
According to the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services: "Our goal is to vaccinate as many people as quickly as possible given the limited supply of vaccines. North Carolina moves through vaccination groups by aligning to federal priorities while empowering local health departments and hospitals the flexibility to move to the next priority group as they complete groups and have vaccines available." Please use the link below to determine your group and the nearest location to receive your two vaccinations.
Vaccine Priorities on the Qualla Boundary

An individual's age and the presence of co-morbidities will determine vaccine priorities on the Qualla Boundary.

Age 70+ with 2 co-morbidities
Anyone 70+
Age 60+ with 2 co-morbidities
Anyone 60+
Age 50+ with 2 co-morbidities
Anyone 50+, and so on...

In addition to offering vaccines first to all native Cherokee speakers, Cherokee Indian Hospital Authority officials have invited those with Downs syndrome and various forms of cancer to receive the vaccine, regardless of age, due to the evidence around higher risk for those conditions.
Changes and updates related to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout are occurring quickly, including recent information from U.S. health authorities that 1 million doses will be sent directly to some pharmacies next week in an effort to address equity concerns and to speed the pace of inoculations.
Our heartfelt THANKS to all who participated in our recent 31 Days of Giving capacity-building and fundraising event. In partnership with 14 local nonprofits and with matching funds made available by our Board of Directors, we mobilized more than $80,000 in support of health and wellness initiatives across the Western North Carolina region during December.
NHF Leadership Changes Announced
David Garrett
Board Chair
Lisa Leatherman
Board Vice Chair
Lisa Duff
Associate Director
New for 2021, Nantahala Health Foundation has announced changes in leadership at both its board and staff levels.
People living just a few streets or mountain valleys apart may have vastly different opportunities to live long lives, in part because of their neighborhoods. Unfortunately, significant gaps in life expectancy persist across many cities, towns and ZIP codes. Follow the link below to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation life expectancy calculator and interactive map to explore how other parts of our country compare to your address.
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Our Funding Priorities
Our grant-making priorities are designed to create a strong network of organizations by investing in your strategies to remove barriers to health.
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At Nantahala Health Foundation, we build partnerships with forward-thinking organizations focused on improving the overall health of the region. 
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Following health and safety guidance to promote social distancing, NHF staff has shifted to telework and is conducting business through virtual platforms. However, we strive to be accessible and minimize disruptions as much as possible under these circumstances. During this time, you may contact us through email or by leaving a message on our office voicemail, which will be forwarded to us.