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Nantahala Health Foundation's Board of Directors has approved a Statement of Values designed to guide our organization's actions today and far into the future. In addition to collaborating with our community partners to identify paths to better health for all, we vow to look to our Statement of Values as we prioritize our work for the benefit of all.
2021 NIMble Applicants Set Records
Thank you to the nonprofit and public sector leaders who submitted program proposals during our NIMble (Needs Immediately Met) grant cycle in March.

A record number of organizations submitted applications - 46. The combined funding request within these applications was equally impressive at nearly $425,000.

Results such as these underscore the tremendous weight of unmet needs our community partners are working diligently to address. While we wish limitless funding were available to implement each worthwhile program, we recognize that wishing does not make it so. Finding and funding solutions designed to mitigate the root causes of these challenges will require a long-term, sustained, thoughtful approach.

Nantahala Health Foundation is committed to undertaking just such a strategic approach while maintaining our focus on achieving real, lasting change. We are committed to making the difficult choices required to balance today’s most critical needs with the long-term sustainability required to realize the change we all desire for our region. But we cannot do it alone. Improving the health and wellness of all will require a groundswell of community support and a shared, undeniable belief that lifting one lifts us all.
Our partners at Dogwood Health Trust invite grant seekers to visit their new online grant application portal to fill out a pre-application and get a conversation started with a member of their Impact Team. They tell us they are specifically interested in projects that take an equitable approach to issues in one or more of their four strategic priority areas: Housing, Education, Economic Opportunity, and Health and Wellness.
Our Partners Making Progress:
Center for Domestic Peace
The Center for Domestic Peace in Sylva has increased access to healthcare and educational opportunities for their clients, thanks in part to grant funding provided by Nantahala Health Foundation.

According to CDP Executive Director Wesley Myers, "Numerous clients have been able to take advantage of our iPad library both in the office and at home. The primary reported uses [of the grant-funded iPads] have been to access therapy, to help clients manage their finances without abuser knowledge, and to research safety concerns."
Our Partners Making Progress:
Clay County Schools
Clay County Schools have applied their 2020 Nantahala Health Foundation NIMble grant funds to an initiative designed to increased access to healthcare for their students.

With four school buildings on one campus, the system's two nurses were working out of only one office. The challenges of delivering student healthcare were exacerbated by lack of space and cross-campus transportation, especially during inclement weather.

NHF NIMble funds have allowed school officials to add nurses stations and purchase a golf cart to provide a more rapid travel option between locations. According to Clay County School Superintendent Dale Cole, Hayesville Primary and Elementary's nurses' stations are now operational; a nurses' station at Hayesville High School was scheduled to be operational by April 1; and a station at Hayesville Middle School is expected to be functioning in June.
Western Carolina University offers a slate of training opportunities for community members through their Office of Professional Growth and Enrichment. Here are a few upcoming featured sessions designed specifically for non-profit professionals:

Wednesday, April 14 / Offered online via Zoom
Participants will learn to manage a project by using the five phases of project management and several other critical topics related to being a successful project manager in any industry.
Tuesday, April 20 / Offered online via Zoom
Private, nonprofit organizations have been essential to the creation and evolution of American society since our colonial days. The push to professionalize nonprofit leaders and employees, however, did not emerge until the 1970s. Nonprofits today must have strong, well-qualified leaders who understand and support a purpose-driven mission. In this workshop, participants will learn about the different types of nonprofit organizations, distinguishing characteristics of nonprofits, top funding sources for nonprofits, and an introduction to nonprofit accounting. Most importantly, you’ll learn why 'Mission Matters Most.'

Friday, April 30 / Offered online via Zoom
Whether planning a special celebratory event with a large budget or a non-profit fundraising event on a tight budget, it’s critical to understand how to negotiate with vendors and track every penny. If it’s a revenue-generating event, it’s even more important to control costs while not sacrificing quality, thus ensuring a high level of participation and financial goals are met. Attend this one-day workshop to learn more about budgeting for a variety of events. Better still, combine this course with other event planning workshops to earn a certificate.
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Our Funding Priorities
Our grant-making priorities are designed to create a strong network of organizations by investing in your strategies to remove barriers to health.
Meet Our Partners
At Nantahala Health Foundation, we build partnerships with forward-thinking organizations focused on improving the overall health of the region. 
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Following health and safety guidance to promote social distancing, NHF staff has shifted to telework and is conducting business through virtual platforms. However, we strive to be accessible and minimize disruptions as much as possible under these circumstances. During this time, you may contact us through email or by leaving a message on our office voicemail, which will be forwarded to us.
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