Spring 2017 Edition:
Medical Communication in an Era of 'Alternative Facts',  AD in a Time of Uncertainty, Apply to Present at #NaRCAD2017, & more!

Mike Fischer, MD, MS | NaRCAD Director
The entire health care system is grappling with uncertainty. What will happen to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act? Will clinicians and health systems face major changes in how they are expected to provide care and how they are reimbursed? Will state and local public health agencies have support for the many initiatives undertaken in recent years?
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Jerry Avorn, MD | NaRCAD Co-director
The late Senator Patrick Moynihan (D, NY) once famously noted, "Everyone is entitled to his own opinions, but not to his own facts." Leaving aside the more contemporary position that women are entitled to opinions too, in our strange new sociocultural milieu Moynihan's adorable truism now suddenly seems, like certain body parts, to be totally up for grabs. 

Global warming is a hoax; China devalues it currency; Hillary Clinton murders her enemies and runs a pedophile ring out of a Washington pizzeria. Read More
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Health Affairs Editor's Note: This post is part of a series stemming from the Fifth Annual Health Law Year in P/Review event held at Harvard Law School. The conference brought together leading experts to review major developments in health law over the previous year, and preview what is to come.

Early 2017 has been one of the most interesting and challenging times for anyone concerned with medication regulation and evidence-based prescribing - as well as for the patients and health care professionals who will be so heavily impacted recent policy changes.  Read more 

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