JUNE, 2019
Quarterly Newsletter

Here at the NYSSSA office, we are in the midst of preparing to welcome our students to our programs this summer. Our staff works diligently to bring the best experience to our students every summer.

In this issue, you will find an interview with the School of Ballet's Artistic Director, Daniel Ulbricht, the 2019 Summer schedule, and a letter from our Executive Director, Molly Hennighausen. We also have begun our 'Alumni Spotlight' series with an interview from Jenna Lucente (Visual Arts, '89) as well.

To contribute to the growth of NYSSSA, please complete our Alumni Questionnaire if you have not yet done so. This has been a huge help to us in shaping the future of NYSSSA and we are thankful to have such wonderful alumni.
From the Executive Director

Preparing for NYSSSA 2019

I don’t know about you, but I am excited for the summer to get here and for NYSSSA to begin! Between all seven of our programs, we have almost 400 students from across New York State joining us this year for one month of intensive study in their chosen discipline. Each and every one of our students should feel extremely proud to have been accepted into our program.

My favorite day at NYSSSA is opening day. I love meeting all of our students and parents at registration and hearing about what brought them to this point. Each year, I hear stories from students who are excited to return, having found an artistic family at NYSSSA that they missed during the previous year. From new students, I love to hear about their artistic journeys, and I am often inspired by the hard work that they demonstrated in order to get to where they are now. And parents, it fills me with joy to see the pride on your faces as you drop off your child, trusting us to create a warm and nurturing environment for them -- something we work very hard to do both in and out of the classroom. On that first day, the energy begins to pulse and the heartbeat of NYSSSA comes alive. Over the course of the month, the energy created by our students bursts through the walls of the dorms and classrooms and permeates the entire campus with life.

Students, as you prepare for NYSSSA, remember that you were chosen because of your talent, skill, and your passion. We look forward to nurturing all three of those elements. Your enthusiasm and excitement for your art arises out of your own desires -- you have an instinct for it. Your skill is earned, and you will continue to earn, and learn, new skills at NYSSSA. You will work hard, developing and refining your skills through repetition. Your talent is what you were born with. It is your natural capability and we look forward to assisting you in fostering that talent.

On behalf of all of our faculty and staff, we look forward to welcoming you to NYSSSA 2019!

An Interview with Daniel Ulbricht
Daniel Ulbricht is the Artistic Director of NYSSSA's School of Ballet. Are you interested in learning more about our Ballet program? Click here to read our interview with Daniel Ulbricht.
2019 Summer Schedule
Do you want to check out a NYSSSA performance or exhibition this summer? Click here for our 2019 Summer schedule.
Alumni Spotlight: Jenna Lucente
Jenna Lucente attended the School of Visual Arts in 1989. Click here to read an interview with Jenna and learn more about her time since NYSSSA.
Financial Support
If you are interested in donating to NYSSSA or funding a student scholarship, please reach out to us at 518-474-8773 or by E-mail at NYSSSA@nysed.gov . All correspondence should be made to the attention of Molly Hennighausen.