Nevada GEAR UP Digest
 June 2021
Now that it is June, hopefully there will be some time for you to relax and destress from an unusual and sometimes very stressful school year. If you will be getting some much needed vacation time -ENJOY!!

Of course, GEAR UP will still be busy with the various summer programs previously highlighted in the Digest as well as planning for the coming year. We are excited to be planning our first in-person activities and events. We are even more excited about meeting more of our students, parents and families! In order to be accessible to all students and families, we will be continuing some virtual programming as well to maintain flexibility so everyone can participate in programming opportunities. See future issues of the Digest for all the details AND some exciting news too!
This month's blog was written by GEAR UP College Coordinator, Jana Burd. Read it here!

NCCEP National Conference and a Nevada Presentation
By the time the Digest comes out for July, we will be attending the national conference. And if you are lucky, you can attend the break out session presented by the NSHE crew, Jana Burd, Andrea Saavedra, and Tawnie D'Angelo. We are looking forward to it! See additional information on this session to the right.

The conference is scheduled for July 18-21, 2021. This will be a virtual conference. Registration is now open!! You can see all the information and register here!

On a related note, an NCCEP update to the website shows that the Capacity Building Workshop will be held in San Antonio, TX on February 13-16, 2022!!

College Corners and Power Hours
We are already planning the college knowledge and college readiness topics for the new school year! We hope all of our GEAR UP students will meet the NSHE staff while they are in the high schools. In addition, we will have virtual content as well! Stay tuned for more information!

Social Media
(For all students, parents, staff and supporters)
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Summer Bridge Programs for 8th and 12th Graders!
Shout out to all of our 8th and 12th graders that recently attended one of our Summer Bridge programs!!

We had some fun summer celebrations this year! Nevada GEAR UP has successfully completed four 2-day in-person summer bridge programs for 2021, hosted by our amazing partners at Paradigm Shift. With events occurring in both Nye and Clark counties, GEAR UP Specialists, First-Year College Advisors, and College Coordinator were able to meet and work with students in-person at each of these events at that took place at end of May and beginning of June.

Students that attended had the opportunity to receive prizes and swag bags, including donated institution gear, gift cards, technology, and other items. Current GEAR UP students at the high schools also volunteered to give campus tours and answer questions with our incoming freshman students. Between all of the events, about 100 students were serviced, receiving information and support as they transition from either 8th grade to 9th grade or 12th grade to college.

Huge shoutout to GEAR UP staff Jen Hagstrom (NCSD), Barrie Fenton (NCSD), Karina Lopez-Santillan (NCSD), Danielle Ford (CCSD), Ouiza Weber (CCSD), Rita Kundanani (CCSD), Morgan Fullmer (UNLV), and our partners at Paradigm Shift with Kyle Price, who worked on these events from planning through execution, as well as Lisa Hamrick (NCSD), Karen Holley (NCSD), Elizabeth Duryea (GBC) and Nicola Opfer (NSC) for also supporting these events in-person.

Nevada Representation at the NCCEP National Conference Presentation!
Gears graphic
If you are interested in attending the break out session presented by our very own Nevada staff, here is a brief description:

“It is often easier to focus on failure rather than success. We often feel that every time we move one step forward, we take two steps back. You are not alone! In this facilitated discussion, we will be providing a space for leaders to share their experiences and ideas with those of us who understand within our different programs from across the country. We will be discussing solution-focused mindsets, collaborate strategies for improvements, and ways to implement changes within our positions.”

As mentioned in the sidebar, the presentation will be hosted by Jana Burd, Andrea Saavedra, and Tawnie D'Angelo. Special thanks to Nicola Opfer for her help and assistance in the initial stages of development.
So Long Nicola! We will miss you!

We have to say good-bye to Nicola Opfer, First Year College Advisor at NSC. We have enjoyed her enthusiasm, creativity, and energy this year! Nicola is moving out of state to attend law school in the fall. We are so excited for her as she pursues her career dreams! Lots of luck in law school Nicola!
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