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This year's conference will emphasize the theme:

Let's embark on a path from reacting to healthcare challenges
to envisioning a brighter, healthier future.

This groundbreaking event will dive into the transformative journey of telehealth, from its reactive stage of the previous three years, to unlocking its visionary potential.

Engage with industry experts, thought leaders and virtual innovators as we discuss cutting-edge technologies, best practices and the evolving landscape of digital inclusion as it relates to telehealth.

Don't miss this opportunity to be part of the reshaping of telehealth. Stay tuned to our newsletters and website for more information.
Your voice matters in shaping the future of state BEAD (Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment) and digital equity plans. These plans are critical for ensuring equal access to technology and educational opportunities for healthcare and telehealth entities.

The public comment period is a mandatory step in the state BEAD and Digital Equity Plan process that solicits a public response and comments on the draft plan. By commenting on these state plans, you have the power to influence policy decisions and create a more equitable digital landscape. 

Below is a list of resources, including drafts of comments about BEAD plans and Digital Equity (DE) plans suggesting more initiatives related to healthcare and telehealth. 

Raise your voice and share your input today! Together, we can build a brighter, more inclusive future for healthcare access and technology. 

Of the seven states supported by the NRTRC - AK, WA, OR, MT, ID, WY, UT – the following states have comment periods that are still open.

  • WA - BEAD 5-Year Action Plan - close date October 15, 2023
  • WA - Draft Digital Equity Plan - close date October 2, 2023
  • WY - BEAD Initial Proposal, Volume 1 - close date September 21, 2023
  • See The Center For Connected Health Policy (CCHP) September newsletter: Find updates for Medicare Payment Rules, DEA's Telehealth Policy, and Significant Telehealth Policy Dates and Deadlines.

  • Digital Health Equity: Digital tools such as patient portals, telehealth, and mobile apps have become an integral aspect of the delivery of health care. This report, Digital Health Equity, Current Practices and Approaches of Academic Medical Centers is intended to help shape health system strategies to embrace and leverage digital tools in a manner that respects those systems’ fundamental commitment to health and healthcare equity. The report highlights the roles academic medical centers are playing to improve digital health equity and identifies opportunities and evolving approaches that AMCs can adapt, implement and scale.

  • Research Into Intellectual Disabilities: Syracuse University is launching Project Engage, a research program targeting adults with intellectual disabilities. The study aims to learn what adults with intellectual disability think about being included in a new type of health research. To learn more, check out their flyer, or watch their video. It can take an hour to complete the survey. People who take the survey may receive up to a $50 gift card. Take the survey at
Two more states have been added to the Find Telehealth mapping application! 

NRTRC has partnered with SWTRC to expand the map to include facilities that provide telehealth services in Arizona and Nevada! We have also expanded the list of telehealth access points (TAPs), to the entire United States. Simply turn on the TAPs button on the map to view all of the public access points across the country. TAPs can be added to the map by entering their information here.

2023 HRSA Region 10 Health Equity Conference: This regional event aims to ignite the spirit of partnership to unify our communities and achieve health equity in Region 10 by fostering an environment of diversity, allyship, cultural dignity and respect. Participants will learn, network, find inspiration and celebrate the tremendous work toward health equity in Region 10. Sept. 14-15
Telehealth Awareness Week: The American Telemedicine Association’s third annual Telehealth Awareness Week will take place Sept. 17-23.

Thriving Together Virtual Care Conference: Thriving Together North Central Washington (NCW) invites healthcare providers to join in an engaging, in person event where we will explore the key components of implementing virtual care in rural areas, gain actionable insights, forge meaningful connections, and contribute to the advancement of virtual care in rural areas. Sept.18-19 in Wenatchee, Washington.

2023 Montana Healthcare Conference: The Montana Hospital Association and the Montana Primary Care Association are offering this four-day educational event and trade show in Billings, Mont. Participants can expect to learn about leadership, new technology and industry trends. Sept. 19-22
2023 AHHA Annual Conference: The Alaska Hospital and Healthcare Association brings together participants throughout the state to discuss current topics, challenges, and opportunities across Alaska's healthcare system. It's a chance to share best practices, resources, and innovative solutions and to network with colleagues. Sept. 20-21
Converge 2 Xcelerate: ConV2X is produced by Partners in Digital Health, and emphasizes the business aspects of the healthcare industry. Participants may attend in person at Loyola University in New Orleans or virtually. Sept. 21-22


Idaho Hospital Association's Annual Convention: This four-day annual meeting gives Idaho healthcare providers an opportunity to connect with peers, hear updates on the state and national front, and learn from the sessions aimed at helping us maintain our viability as hospitals and healthcare providers. Oct. 2-5
HLTH 2023: Whether it's meeting people and organizations who can accelerate your business outcomes, staying ahead of emerging trends, connecting with your industry colleagues, advancing your career, or all the above— HLTH 2023 will deliver a curated experience that is tailored just for you. October 8-11    

The 40th Annual Oregon Rural Health Conference: Save the Date - 40th Annual Oregon Rural Health Conference in 2023, Sunriver, October 11-13

Bridging the Digital Divide: Telehealth and Libraries Webinar Series: As telehealth services become an increasingly prominent part of the healthcare landscape, the National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers (NCTRC) provides timely and accurate information on telehealth across the nation. Library workers of all kinds can benefit from learning how to access support from NCTRC. October 12 1:00-2:00 PM MST  


SEARCH 2023: The National Telehealth Research Symposium, will connect health researchers, academicians, and visionaries in telehealth and telemedicine to share findings and foster research partnerships. November 7-9      

2023 Rural Health Association of Utah Annual Conference: The Rural Health Association of Utah Conference is an annual event dedicated to promoting and improving rural healthcare in rural Utah. The theme of this year’s conference is Innovations in Rural Health: Navigating the Future. November 8-9    

APHA 2023: The American Public Health Association will hold its annual meeting and expo in Atlanta, Georgia. Nov. 12-15
Telehealth Resources

  • Emergency Declarations: Utah is the only state in the Northwest Region still under an emergency declaration because of the COVID pandemic. It is set to expire when the national PHE expires. PHE ENDED MAY 11, 2023

  • Research: current research opportunities, research articles and survey results.
Grant Funding Opportunities

  • Refer to the funding page on the NRTRC website for updated grant opportunities.

NRTRC’s 2022 11th Annual Telehealth Conference video sessions are free to view. If you were unable to attend, or want to watch your favorite sessions again, visit NRTRC’s YouTube page.
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