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"Health in All Policies" - Dr. Stephen Thomas Discusses a New Maryland Law to Improve Population Health

Stephen Thomas, PhD

Dr. Stephen Thomas, Associate Director of our Mentor Training Core, details the new Health in All Policies law passed in Maryland. Sponsored by the Maryland School of Public Health, this law aims to recognize people's communities in the context of chronic disease to create health equity across populations.

Click here to watch an interview with Dr. Stephen Thomas, Director of the Maryland Center for Health Equity. 

NRMN-CAN Postdoc Spotlight: 
Wenndy Hernandez , PhD
RMN-CAN Postdoc Spotlight,  Wenndy Hernandez, PhD

Wenndy Hernandez, PhD, is a Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Chicago in the section of Genetic Medicine. She is an active NRMN-CAN participant, and attended their Professional Development and Grantwriting Conference in Fall 2015, along with 50 other postdocs and junior faculty across the Big Ten Alliance. 

Click here to learn more about how you can benefit from our training programs, through Wenndy's story! 

Mentee Spotlight: Hawasatu Dumbuya, PhD

Dr. Dumbuya celebrates her recent graduation from Brown University with her family. 

We would like to highlight a recent graduate from Brown University's Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology Program - Hawasatu Dumbuya, PhD! Her dissertation is entitled " Reactive Oxygen Species Signaling is Critical for UVA Phototransduction in Human Epidermal Melanocytes ." During her tenure at Brown, she served as the Secretary for SACNAS and was honored with a Ford Fellowship. We support her involvement in NRMN as she moves forward in her biomedical research career.

Incorporating "Yes, and" Improvisation into Mentoring

Dr. Gillian-Daniel leads a story circle where participants tell a story one line at a time - starting each line with "Yes, and."

Science offers few opportunities to engage in improvisation, but Dr. Gillian-Daniel is incorporating principles of improv into the practice of mentoring. "Yes, and," offers opportunity for discussion and communication among mentors and mentees, and focuses on highlighting positive feedback. As a Master Facilitator, she has led multiple Mentorship Training Workshops through NRMN.

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Hispanic Heritage Month: Dr. Marcela Hernandez Shares MyStory
Marcela Hernandez, PhD  
Graduate & STEM Diversity Director 
The Ohio State University

Dr. Marcela Hernandez details her experience in science, and the importance of mentorship in developing her career. Her story shows how the right mentorship is pivotal for success, and how NRMN programs can get biomedical scientists on the right track. 

Click here to hear Dr. Hernandez's story.
From the Cleveland Clinic: Research is Love
Post-Doctoral Researchers from the Cleveland Clinic with Rafael Luna, Executive Director

Scientists of the Cleveland Clinic discuss the ways in which they commit to research, and how our experiences, both up and down, can be made parallel to the relationships with people in our lives. With both, a strong foundation requires commitment, and can reap a large reward.

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Executive Director's Corner: NRMN Ambassadors Lead to Exponential Growth
Executive Director Rafael E. Luna, PhD

Ambassadors for NRMN have the potential to deepen our network nationwide by reaching out to their colleagues and students.   Executive Director Rafael Luna shares his experience working with our newest NRMN Ambassadors, who are supporting our movement from linear to exponential growth.

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Upcoming Opportunities - NRMN and Beyond!

NRMN Proposal Preparation Program (P3)

P3 @ University of Utah
Salt Lake City + online sessions
January 22 - May 3rd

P3 @ University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN + online sessions
January 8 - May 17

Thinking about submitting a research proposal to the NIH, in upcoming months? Do you want to be coached on effective writing techniques from experienced grant writers? Let NRMN's highly skilled grant writing coaches help you submit a grant proposal. 

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Application Deadline: November 6

Check out the NRMN Career Development Webinars on our Youtube!
Explore our informative content today! 

For upcoming NRMN Career Development Webinars refer to the NRMNet calendar. We have content to help you make informed decisions regarding your research path.

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Development Webinars!

Upcoming Conferences

RCMI Translational Science 2017
Washington, D.C.
October 28 - Nov. 1st

The Research Centers for Minority Institutions aim to eliminate health disparities by working with NIMHD and the NIH. Their conference will focus on translational science, and their programs are committed to serving students from underrepresented populations. Dr. Elizabeth Ofili, PI of the NRMN Research Resources and Outreach Core, is the Chair of the RCMI Planning Committee. 

Click here to learn more about this event.

NRMN Meet & Greet at ABRCMS!
Phoenix, Arizona
Nov. 3, 7:30 - 9:30 PM

Join NRMN at the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students! The ABRCMS annual meeting attracts over 4000 attendees, ranging from Undergraduate students to Faculty and Administrators. Hear from leaders in STEM, share your experiences, and connect with mentors at this event. NRMN will be hosting a mentor training session, Entering Mentoring, for faculty, in addition to a Meet & Greet, locations TBD. Come visit us at our Exhibit Booth, #235
Click here for more information. 

Upcoming Research Opportunities

Tenure-Track Position Opening
Asst. Professor of Health Disparities
California State U., Long Beach

Have experience conducting research in Health Disparities? Interested in both research and teaching? Consider an Assistant Faculty position at California State University, Long Beach!

Click here  to learn more, and apply!

Postdoctoral Fellowship Opening
University of Massachusetts Boston
Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center
Boston, Massachusetts 

The University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston) and Dana-Farber/Harvard Cancer Center (DF/HCC) jointly announce a post-doctoral fellowship designed to ensure a diverse and highly trained workforce to meet the national need for highly skilled faculty and researchers committed to better understanding and addressing cancer and cancer health disparities. The joint post-doctoral fellowship program allows collaborative training that can occur at either or both of the partnering institutions. 

For information on the fellowship and how to apply, write to
, or click here.

NRMN is part of the

Click here to learn more about this NIH initiative.

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