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Dear Friends of Nova Voce:

Nova Voce was founded in 2004 to explore the glorious sounds of men’s voices in harmony. Our sound and repertoire have matured and grown over the years as we continue to fulfill our mandate as Nova Scotia’s provincial men’s choir. There are very few provincial towns that have not had the opportunity to experience our music.

Moving forward though, we face a challenge. Covid-19 is changing our lives. It has made us put a hold on normal rehearsals and performances. The Nova Voce Board is finding ways for the choir to function in a virtual world, and is looking forward to resuming normal activities when conditions allow.

From the beginning Nova Voce has managed its finances well, relying on members’ dues, concert income, the generosity of audiences and other supporters and a variety of fundraising events to maintain our needs, but our normal channels of funding are now compromised.

This is where you can help. We are asking you to support a financial campaign to see us through these changing times and into the future.

If you believe that Nova Voce is worth supporting and male choir music in Nova Scotia should be a vital part of the choral community, please help us over the next three years by pledging to make a series of tax deductible donations, or maybe just a one time gift. We would certainly value your support. May we count on you to help?


Terry Hurrell, Artistic Director Emeritus
Norm Scrimger, President
You will be guided through a Canada Helps form.
Canada Helps is a registered third party service for online charitable giving

Cheques may be made payable to
‘Nova Voce’ and mailed to:
P.O. Box 29022 
Halifax Shopping Centre   
Halifax, NS B3K 5N7

*Click HERE for an information sheet to include with your cheque

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