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NOPREN State-of-the-Science webinar July 10th @ 12pm ET
Housing insecurity and food insecurity: interrelating factors impacting health

Speaker: Carl Gershenson, PhD, Princeton University, Eviction Lab

Passcode: 610909
Meeting ID: 910 5393 6229

Missed a State-of-the-Science? All past recordings can be found here.
HER NOPREN Summer Speaker Series
Join us for the HER NOPREN Summer Speaker Series for Students!

Join us for the fourth annual HER NOPREN Summer Speaker Series for Students! This series will feature 5 webinar presentations on a variety of topics related to food and nutrition security, federal nutrition assistance programs, COVID-19 implications, and nutrition equity.

The presentations will be held on the following Wednesdays from 4-5pm ET: June 14, June 28, July 12, July 26, and August 9, 2023. You can learn more and find session recordings here.

Join us for the next session on June 28th:

Food is Medicine: What does it mean? Where are we going?

With speakers Drs. Hilary Seligman & Christopher Long

To register, click here.
Student Presentation & Poster Applications Now Open

HER and NOPREN will be hosting a virtual student presentation session on August 16th from 4-5 pm EST.

Selected students will be asked to give a brief, 5-10 minute presentation on a public health nutrition related project or research they worked on over the summer. Students of all levels are encouraged to apply.

Students who are not selected to give a virtual presentation may be selected to develop a poster highlighting their work that will be spotlighted on the NOPREN website.

Apply here by Wednesday, July 19th.


Application Due Date: July 19th by 5pm EST

Application Decision: July 25th 

Virtual Presentation/Poster Session: August 16th, 4-5 pm EST 

Questions? Email
NOPREN and Tufts University release Supporting Food & Nutrition Security through Healthcare: A Resource for Healthcare Systems and their Public Health and Community Partners.

This guide, which was developed with support from the CDC, summarizes the ways in which healthcare systems, public health practitioners, and public health allies can partner to support food and nutrition security in their communities through programs, policies, and practice. 

Click here to learn more.
NOPREN HER Resource Digest
The bi-weekly digest is a joint product of NOPREN and HER.

Send relevant resources to or click here for inclusion in a future digest.
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Early Childhood
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Nutrition Policy Institute - NPI Brown Bag: Baby Food Pouches, The Illusion of a healthy snack, 6/20/23 @ 12p PT, Zoom link

University of Minnesota Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives Institute and OSU Center for Health Sciences, Center for Indigenous Health Research and Policy - 6th Annual Conference on Native American Nutrition, 9/10/23 - 9/12/23

Everytable - Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships

Global Health Advocacy - Director, Food Policy Program

Global Health Advocacy - Food and Nutrition Research Director, Food Policy Program

International Research Committee Airbel Impact Lab - Health Researcher, Research & Development, 3 locations available

Johns Hopkins University - Research Assistant

Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition - Editor-in-Chief, Editorial Board Members, and Peer Reviewers
Lunch Assist - School Nutrition Consultant, deadline 6/18/23

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee - Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor, deadline 7/9/23

U.S. Agency for International Development - Crisis Operations Specialist, Bureau Humanitarian Assistance (multiple opportunities), deadline 5/29/24

U.S. Agency for International Development - Supervisory Program Specialist, Bureau Humanitarian Assistance, deadline 6/17/23
American Society for Nutrition - Early Career Nutrition Pilot Grant Seed Funding Program, deadline 7/7/23
NIH FASEB DataWorks! Challenge - The 2023 DataWorks! Prize, submission deadline 7/24/23

The Hunger to Health Collaboratory Nomination Opportunity - Inaugural Innovation Prizes, Nominations, deadline 7/28/23

Request for Comments - 2025 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee draft protocols, deadline 6/30/23

USDA Request for Comments - Food Safety and Inspection Service, deadline 6/30/23

USDA Request for Comments - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: State Options, deadline 7/6/23
Nutrition Incentive Hub Study Opportunity - Veggie Meter Study

Florida A&M University Survey Opportunity - Have experience with food insecurity interventions in a health care setting? Know someone else who does? Support NOPREN member and doctoral candidate Afaf Qasem by completing this survey and forwarding to others. Questions? Email
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