From the Coordinating Center
A Tribute to Dr. Dianne S. Ward
It is with deep sadness that NOPREN has learned of the death of colleague and researcher, Dr. Dianne S. Ward.

Dr. Ward was a professor in the UNC Gillings School of Public Health, Department of Nutrition and was embedded with the UNC Center for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HPDP), where she directed the Children’s Healthy Weight Research Group.

Dianne’s pioneering spirit, dedication to research, and relentless pursuit of improved environments for young children in childcare settings lives on in so many ways. One example of this is the use of GO NAPSACC in 22 states by public health departments and early childhood stakeholder groups. As part of CDC’s ECE Spectrum of Opportunity work, DNPAO worked with partners including Dianne and the team to spread and scale this evidence-based intervention through its public health programs and through collaborations with USDA SNAP-ED. The creation and use of this evidence-based intervention by public health and early childhood practitioners for the benefit of young children across the nation is part of Dianne’s wonderful legacy. She will be greatly missed. 

HER NOPREN Summer Speaker Series
Student Presentation Session
Wednesday, August 16th, 4-5 PM ET

Join us for the final session of the HER NOPREN Summer Speaker Series for Students. This session will feature 5 student presentations that will highlight the public health nutrition projects and research they have been working on over the summer. Students will be presenting on topics related to childhood nutrition, produce prescription programs, COVID-19, and federal nutrition assistance programs. Additional projects will be featured as posters on the NOPREN website (available August 16th).

You can learn more about the student presentations and posters on the NOPREN website here.

Check out past recordings here, including our August 9th session on COVID-19 Policy Implications for USDA Child Nutrition Programs and SNAP.
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From our CDC DNPAO Partners

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