Terry Horton
Dear NNCG Partners and Members,

Thank you for the privilege of being your project director at NNCG and thanks to all of you who gave me such a warm welcome at the Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers conference!

It is my desire - and the desire of our fabulous NNCG Steering Committee - to work together to advance the practice of grantmaker consulting and thereby advance the field of philanthropy. We are listening deeply to grantmakers, to our fellow philanthropy-serving organizations, and especially to our members in order that we might all work together to grow this amazing network and its positive impact on the field.

I know you agree that all grantmakers have a desire to make a meaningful difference in the world, and that an outside consultant can have a transformative impact on making that desire a reality. By encouraging a grantmaker to learn and collaborate with community partners and other allies in ways that minimize power dynamics and allow for listening, inclusion, and co-creation of community impact, consultants help to create positive change in the world.  Consultants help to hold the space for deeper dialogue through facilitation and coaching, and provide technical assistance, evaluation services, and new ideas for theories of change/theories of philanthropy.   Also, consultants are in the unique position of pointing out unspoken assumptions and blind spots that can help a grantmaker discern what meaningful impact and sustainability might really look like in a given context.

Please be on the lookout for an NNCG member/partner survey that will be released shortly. This will help to inform our future work. It is my personal goal to speak to 50 of you in the next 50 days so that I might really get to know you in a hurry. If you would like to be one of these "first 50" please send me an email at before September 1st and we'll get you scheduled.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you. Your work is making a positive impact on the world right now. Let's keep up the work, and the amazing collegiality amongst practitioners who are striving to advance the practice and build the field. 

Terry Horton
Project Director, NNCG
NNCG Webinar Series

The 2016 Webinar schedule continues in September with Social Justice Philanthropy (SJP): Theory, Practice, and Impact This webinar takes up the challenges and opportunities that emerge when social justice aspirations meet philanthropic practice.  According to the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP), social justice philanthropy (SJP) has a transformational agenda; its aim is to reform institutions in order to create a more equitable distribution of power, thus eliminating the need for ongoing charity.
This tall order is the entry point for this 3-part webinar that considers 1) theories of philanthropy (TOP) related to theories of change (TOC) in social justice grant making, 2) the challenges of evaluating SJP practice, and 3) approaches to advancing SJP within the broader field of philanthropy. 
Led by NNCG member Dr. Becky Lentz, a former Ford Foundation program officer and now professor of media and communication studies researching and teaching social justice philanthropy, the webinar will include experienced SJP grantmakers, an evaluator and capacity building professional specialized in social justice work, and a senior researcher with the NCRP.  Panelists will discuss the three topics and respond to NNCG member questions.

Our distinguished panel includes:
Moderator: Dr. Becky Lentz , Associate Professor, McGill University
Social justice philanthropy grantmakers:
Liz Sak , Executive Director, The Cricket Island Foundation
Dr. Jocelyn Sargent , Executive Director, Hyams Foundation
Philanthropy watchdog:
Lisa Ranghelli , Director of Foundation Assessment, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

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*Purchase of a 2 or 3 webinar package allows the buyer to attend this plus additional NNCG webinar(s) for up to 1 year from purchase date.  Please email with your additional selections.

Remember to check our blog NNCG Now!  Recent member posts include There's No Such Thing as Nonprofit Sustainability...and What To Do About It (Part 1) by Jeff Glebocki and  5 Ways to Mind the Philanthropy Shop Mindfully by CJ Callen.  Look for Part 2 in Jeff's series soon!
Community Foundation Survey - NNCG Member Input Requested

As community foundations and the organizations that support them have been evolving, a number of community foundations have expressed confusion over where to go for help and a desire to clearly document the services currently being provided to the field. To develop a common understanding of the landscape of existing and future services and needs, CF Insights and CFLeads are collaborating on a project to study and map support for the community foundation field.

As part of this work, we are conducting a survey of organizations that provide support services to community foundations to learn what services are being offered and which organizations community foundations are looking to for support. We ask that you or an appropriate colleague respond to this survey by Friday, August 12, using the link below. Results from the survey will be used to identify gaps and redundancies in services and help guide the development of additional resources and supports for the field as necessary. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Aaron Schill, Director of CF Insights, at

Openings at the Ford Foundation

The Ford Foundation currently has two positions open that may be of interest to our NNCG members:  Learning Officer, Strategy and Learning and Program Officer - BUILD Team.

Please click through for complete details on each position, and to apply, please visit

New Network Members
William Lash
Athena Adkins
Jenn Goldstone
Wendy Nagle
Jeanine Gergel

Renewing Network Members
Elizabeth Bremmer
Emily Davis
Martha Johnston
Becky Lentz
Dara Major
Kay Marquet
Kristina Mayer
Kris Putnam-Walkerly
Thomas Scanlon
Tuti Scott
Jenni Shen
Brian Sooy
Pamela Stevens
Lisa Tracy
Gabiel Works
Foundation Management Services
Sherri Clancy
Jeanine Gergel
Kara McCullough
Cristin Slesh
Karen Thompson-Shaheen
Penn Flood Consulting
Deborah Flood
Molly Penn
TCC Group
Ashley Blanchard
Richard Mittenthal
Marieke SpencePhilanthropy
The Philanthropic Initiative, Inc. 
Leslie Pine
Ellen Remmer
NNCG Members in Action
NNCG highlights members' thought leadership - articles, presentations, innovations and other activities that advance philanthropic practice. Follow the links for more information.

Over the last year, TCC Group conducted a field review into the world of legal advocacy. Partnering with the Center for Evaluation Innovation and The Atlantic Philanthropies via the  Atlas Learning Project , TCC Group examined how advocacy organizations use legal advocacy as a strategy and how funders can best support that work. We have launched the results of our work to help inform funders, legal advocates, non-legal advocates, and evaluators about the field of legal advocacy.

Mary Phillips, President of the philanthropic advisory firm GMA Foundations, joins with Beth Kinsman Gosch, Executive Director of The Western New York Foundation, to lead a hands-on learning lab - Reading, Understanding, and Using Nonprofit Financials - on Sept. 27 at Exponent Philanthropy's national conference. Engaging speakers, they will focus on the nuances of various nonprofit financial documents to guide participants in asking questions and seeing past the numbers to the more complete story they tell about an organization.

Yvonne Moore, Principal Advisor at Moore Philanthropy, has been elected to the Trustee Board of the  Daphne Foundation. A private family foundation founded in 1991 by Abigail E. Disney & Pierre N. Hauser, Daphne invests in organizations that empower community residents directly affected by poverty, violence and discrimination to develop solutions that result in a more equitable, fair, and peaceful New York City.

Jeff Glebocki, Founder & Lead Advisor, Strategy + Action/Philanthropy presented his 2-hour workshop on evaluation for Philanthropy Ohio on July 13 in Cleveland.  Over 30 funders from Northeast Ohio participated in this interactive program entitled, "Using Stories, Numbers and Relationships to Evaluate Impact."  This session was made possible through the support of the Saint Luke's Foundation (Cleveland).

Kris Putnam-Walkerly of Putnam Consulting Group has recently published her first book, Confident Giving: Sage Advice for Funders, available on Amazon and iBooks. Confident Giving is a collection of short, easy-to-devour articles where funders will find advice and tips on everything from embracing an abundance mentality, to setting a grantmaking strategy, to leading and managing a foundation team, to working with grantees, partners or consultants.
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