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  • NMMSDC Ceremonia de Premiación
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Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council Awards Ceremony


Last week, our President, Marcos Wanless, attended the 2023 Annual Business Conference and Leadership and Advocacy Awards Ceremony of Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council. 

The event recognized the achievements of Minority Business Enterprises and individuals who demonstrated leadership and advocacy in supplier diversity during 2022, promoting inclusion in the Northwest region.

Lastly, our President, Marcos Wanless, congratulated Karla Malacon on her new appointment as President & CEO of the Northwest Mountain MSDC.


President and Founder of the Seattle Latino Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Marcos Wanless with President & CEO of the Northwest Mountain MSDC, Karla Malacon.

President and Founder of the Seattle Latino Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Marcos Wanless with President & CEO of ELYON International, Carmen Nazario.


Kate Kleyman, Diversity Social Impact Program Manager of McKinstry with her team, receiving the Robert L. Ryan Award.


Shahzad Qadri, Partner at Wong Fleming P.C; Josh Canady, Sr. Diversity Program Manager of Microsoft; Brenda Nnambi, Director of Equity in Contracting at Sound Transit; Stacie Harwood, Sr. Program Manager - Supplier Diversity at T-Mobile; Nelson Reyneri, Vice President, Sales and External Affairs of Point B.


La semana pasada, nuestro Presidente, Marcos Wanless, asistió a la Conferencia Anual de Negocios 2023 y la Ceremonia de Premios de Liderazgo y Defensa del Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council.

En el evento se reconocieron a las Empresas Minoritarias y personas que demostraron liderazgo y defensa en la diversidad como proveedores durante 2022, promoviendo la inclusión en la región del Noroeste. 

Nuestro Presidente, Marcos Wanless, felicitó a Karla Malacon por su nuevo nombramiento como Presidenta y CEO del Northwest Mountain MSDC.


Aprende y Avanza



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We invite you to participate in the Aprende y Avanza program where we will be covering topics of great importance for the hiring of employees in the state of Washington and everything related to labor regulations. This course is free and we are sure it will be of great value to your business.

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Aprende y Avanza es un programa educativo dirigido a empresas latinas con el objeto de proporcionar conocimientos acerca de las normas laborales que rigen en el Estado de Washington como: seguro de empleados, salarios mínimos, salud y otros temas de gran importancia para la contratación de empleados en su empresa.

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