Join our legislators tonight!

The Childcare Town Hall meeting is the result of the NMCA partnership with Traverse Connect and the United Way of Northwest Michigan to identify ideas for the second round of childcare reforms.

Senator Wayne Schmidt, Senator Curt VanderWall, Representative Jack O'Malley, and Representative John Roth will be attending to hear from parents and child care providers to identify persistent barriers to affordable child care in northern Michigan. Together, we will continue to lead the way in providing unique solutions to remove barriers for providers and increase accessibility for working parents. 

Make your voice heard! Join in person at Northwest Education Services (1101 Red Drive Traverse City, MI 49684) or virtually over Zoom here.
Access to affordable, quality child care remains a barrier to talent attraction and retention across northern Michigan. That’s why the Northern Michigan Chamber Alliance helped initiate a bipartisan effort to increase accessibility to child care in northern Michigan, including measures to increase capacity at facilities, networks for at-home providers, operation in multi-use facilities, and a 90-day grace period to comply with new health and safety rules.

The bills sailed through the House last fall but hit a snag in the Senate early this year. The NMCA successfully advocated for a re-referral of the bills to a favorable committee and received a hearing and a vote on May 26. The bills subsequently passed the full Senate and House and were signed by Gov. Whitmer on June 23.
This monumental accomplishment will not only increase access and help make child care more affordable but also sends a signal that legislators from across the state can come together and create positive change.

The NMCA this summer will partner with Traverse Connect and the United Way of Northwest Michigan to host a child care town hall to identify ideas for the second round of child care reforms.
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