Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies 
Statement in Support of Legal Action in Response to Refugee Ban

The Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies stands in full support of its member agencies; HIAS, Jewish Family Service of Seattle and Jewish Family Service of Silicon Valley who have joined together in a class action suit against the administration's most recent travel ban. As the administration is persistent in its efforts to restrict refugee immigration policies which threaten the core principles of our country, so too will the Network continue to speak out against these discriminatory practices. We remain firm in our view that our nation was founded with values of respect for all and that our country should remain a haven for all who are fleeing unspeakable violence, persecution and mass starvation. As a Network of human service providers, we work each day to protect and support the most vulnerable among us and seek meaningful opportunities for open dialogue with elected officials to ensure the safety and freedom for all.

June Gutterman & Jim Kahn, Co-Chairs
Reuben D. Rotman, President & CEO