Florida State House District 4
April 21, 2023
Kim Hawkes 
Bill Passes Unanimously to Protect Military Personnel Breaking Rental Agreements 
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Yesterday, the Florida Legislature unanimously passed Senate Bill (SB) 574, State Representative Patt Maney’s initiative to afford military servicemembers the ability to retain their security deposits in the event they must break their private market rental agreements to move into military housing. The legislation was passed by the Florida House of Representatives, followed by the Florida Senate, with zero votes against it in any committee, or on the floor, of either legislative chamber. 
“Our military members sacrifice a great deal. They shouldn’t have to sacrifice their security deposits, too,” said State Representative Patt Maney. “This bill protects active-duty military personnel and their families in Florida when transitioning into military housing, and with 21 active military installations across our great state, will have a significant impact in communities statewide. I am overwhelmed by the resounding support of this Legislature, as well as the Florida Realtors, for our men and women serving in uniform. Florida is the most military-friendly state in the Union, and I am committed to keep it that way.” 
“Florida Realtors® proudly supports our servicemembers and acknowledges the sacrifice they make to defend our freedom,” said Florida Realtors® Vice President of Public Policy Andy Gonzalez. “We applaud Representative Maney’s efforts to further simplify the process for our servicemembers to transition to the housing of their choice. This bill provides clarity to an existing statute so our servicemembers and housing providers are fully aware and can plan accordingly.” 
"It's really simple. Our men and women in uniform are asked to pack up and go to the next assignment, the next installation, the next house all the time. If they're renting in the private market and get the call to move into privatized military base housing, they should be able to take that opportunity and keep their hard-earned security deposit," said Niceville City Councilwoman Cathy Alley. "With this legislation, landlords will no longer be able to penalize servicemembers for being able to take advantage of moving into privatized military housing. I am thankful to Representative Maney and Senator Burgess for their zeal to push this great bill through to the Governor's desk." 
Committee Substitute for House Bill (HB) 73 was sponsored by State Representative Patt Maney (R –Shalimar) and co-sponsored in a bipartisan effort by Representatives Robin Bartleman (D – Weston), Christopher Benjamin (D – Miami Gardens), Dean Black (R – Jacksonville), Johanna López (D – Orlando), Alex Rizo (R – Hialeah), and Marie Paule Woodson (D – Hollywood). Upon its third reading, the bill was substituted by its identical Senate companion SB 574, sponsored by fellow military veteran State Senator Danny Burgess (R – Zephyrhills). The bill will be signed by officers of the Legislature before it is sent to the Governor’s desk for signature into law. 
Constituent inquiries can be directed to or the Fort Walton Beach District Office (850) 833-3713.  
Florida State Representative Patt Maney was first elected in 2020 to represent the residents of House District 4 in part of Okaloosa County. A retired U.S. Army Brigadier General and former Okaloosa County Judge, Representative Maney is a proven, conservative leader for both his country and community, driving commonsense solutions for Florida families in the Panhandle. 
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"Thank you for allowing me to represent you. It is truly an honor to serve you and the State of Florida." - Representative Patt Maney