March 18, 2024
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Millennia Resistance Campaign Statement on the Debarment of Millennia from Federal Programs
ATLANTA, GA – The Millennia Resistance Campaign released the following statement by Foluke Nunn, a community organizer with the Atlanta Economic Justice Program of the American Friends Service Committee, in response to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) making Millennia Housing Management, Ltd (Millennia) ineligible for new federal contracts:

“This is a victory for tenants across the country. Millennia abuses taxpayer dollars by leaving properties in disrepair and endangering the tens of thousands of tenants living in its complexes. It has long proven that it lacks the competence and integrity to be a responsible steward of subsidized housing. For years, we demanded HUD use all of the options at its disposal and take aggressive action to hold Millennia accountable. We’re proud to have been a part of this fight.  

“HUD’s debarment is a strong first step, and now it has to finish the job so that Millennia tenants will get true justice. The poor living conditions at many Millennia properties remain unaddressed, and HUD's plan to preserve their long term affordability remains unclear. It is encouraging that HUD is considering some of our recommendations and we hope that HUD will go the lengths needed to drastically improve the lives of the tenants hurt by Millennia's inaction.

The Millennia Resistance Campaign will continue to hold HUD to its responsibility to ensure decent, safe, and sanitary housing for all impacted tenants. Recently, Millennia listed over 30 properties for sale in the South. The campaign urges HUD to exercise its full authority to ensure that those properties—and all others that are sold— receive the repairs and investment they desperately need. The campaign calls on HUD to take the following actions regarding the property sales:

  • HUD must not authorize the sale of all or a large portion of Millennia’s portfolio to a single purchaser.
  • HUD must use its authority to only approve a sale that meets the physical, financial, and social needs of each property.
  • Tenants must be partners that HUD consults when developing or assessing capital needs assessments and preservation plans.
  • HUD must launch a national investigation into Millennia and other problem owners with a pattern of failing to maintain HUD housing.

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About the Millennia Resistance Campaign
The Millennia Resistance Campaign is a national coalition of Millennia tenants, community organizers, legal advocates, and other allies. We are committed to exposing Millennia’s pattern of bad behavior, amplifying Millennia tenant stories, and calling on HUD to hold Millennia accountable. Visit MRC here.

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