Yet Another Dark Day for  Hawaii's
Taxpayers, Homeowners & Renters

Aloha Republicans:

Today is the big day.   It's a pretty dark day  actually.  You'll probably see what happened at Honolulu Hale casually mentioned on tonight's TV news and then read about it in tomorrow's progressive daily newspaper.

What happened?  The final vote was taken today to approve a massive $1.5 billion tax increase for the Democrat make-work project known as the Rail Scam.  Today's additional tax hike adds to the several billions already sucked out of taxpayer pockets and wasted on this boondoggle.  The big spenders at HART and the greedy rail cartel can hardly wait until Democrat mayor Kirk Caldwell signs Bill 23.

Even worse than the financial damage done by Democrats and their greedy special interest pals who are clearly fleecing island families of their hard-earned money ( $800 per year from a typical family of four ) is the stark reality that the Hawaii GOP has thrown in the towel .  The party of Fritz Rohlfing, Pat Saiki, Beth Fukumoto, Miriam Hellreich and Kym Pine has clearly embraced the Democrat agenda and Hawaii's political status quo by choosing to give Democrats what they want instead of standing up to them and trying to persuade voters to embrace change.  These party leaders have forgotten that it only took a single election sixty years ago for Hawaii to switch from Republican to Democrat.  And the case for change was much weaker six decades ago than the strong case Republicans could make today .

The white flag has been flying outside the headquarters of the Hawaii GOP for a long time.  It was just eleven years ago that Democrats challenged Republicans to a fight over rail and taxes . . . but GOP leaders surrendered without a fight or even a whimper.  The state legislature and the city council swiftly approved the original multi-billion dollar tax and spend plan for the Rail Scam after falsely promising the desperate public that their commute times on H-1 would be shortenedNot a word was uttered by the Hawaii Republican Party in protest or to correct the shibai.  Instead, Hawaii GOP leaders issued what amounted to a stand down order to the entire party organization -- at the state, county, district and precinct level -- to stay out of the rail fight. . . no different than Hillary and Obama on the night of the Benghazi attacks.

Then when the money ran dry last year, Democrats told Republicans they wanted to grab another $1.5 billion from taxpayers because Democrats had mismanaged the project with the lowballed cost and ever-increasing pricetag for the Rail Scam.  Resistance from the GOPNope.  The legislation to extend the rail tax sailed through the legislature in 2015 with GOP help.  And today, 27 January 2016, the massive, uncontested tax hike will sail through the city council.  Again, without a whimper from the Hawaii GOP.

sat on the sidelines for a decade while taxpayers have been fleeced out of billions of dollars by the Democrat machine to waste on the biggest public works project in memory.  What a terrible missed opportunity this has turned out to be when we could have really distinguished our party from the ruling Democrats by fighting for taxpayers and common sense.
Instead, our party has repeatedly rolled over for Mufi Hannemann, Neil Abercrombie, Joe Souki, David Ige, and Kirk Caldwell; sitting silently as this terrible tax legislation worked its way through the legislature and now the council.

So what happens the next time tax hikes and wasteful spending are proposed by Democrats?  Will the Hawaii GOP be ready to fight back?  Will they know how to fight?  Do they even want to fight?  Sorry.  Until new conservative, competent, passionate leadership comes along to rescue our party, the answers are no, no, no and no.

HERE'S THE RUB:  The Democrats even handed us an enormous issue in recent days which has gone unexploited politically.  For the first time ever, it was revealed that taxpayers were going to be forced to pay out of their own pockets for the operation and maintenance of the rail system to the tune of a 9% or more increase in property taxes.  Prior to the extremely close public vote on rail in 2008 (only 50.6% voted "yes"), voters had never been told about any costs beyond the billions for construction.  Now, for the first time, pro-rail Democrats admitted that they plan to soak taxpayers forever through higher property taxes to pay to run their boondoggle.  And this admission came on the heels of forcing taxpayers to hand over another $1.5 billion to cover cost overruns.  Neither of these two new tax increases which disclosed to taxpayers before the 2008 public vote on the rail project.  Clearly, taxpayers are being scammed.

On top of this, Democrats started talking in recent days about making the excise tax increase for rail permanent along with adding a second excise tax increase specifically to fund the bloated (and still un-audited) DOE bureaucracy with all its chronic waste, fraud, abuse and deliberate mismanagement which keeps at least half of education dollars from actually getting to schools
But, instead of raising hell, Hawaii's GOP leaders and celebrity GOP politicians chose to avoid rocking the boatThey said YES to the Democrat agenda -- hook, line and sinker.

Our party is supposed to offer voters something different.  But the Hawaii GOP has become "Democrat Lite"; leaving nobody at party headquarters speaking for taxpayers.  From the state chair on down, it seems that the GOP is hell bent on protecting the images of tax raising RINO's like Kym Pine, Beth Fukumoto, Lauren Cheape, Bob McDermott and the rest.

So what good is a party that surrenders to the Democrats 24/7/365?  What's the point of donating money to a state party which doesn't advance Republican solutions and reforms?  Why do GOP leaders in Hawaii pretend to be Republican except to keep the party from being steered in a conservative direction?

It's clear that the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan won't lead the fight against failed Democrat policies in the Aloha State.  We are just going along to get along like wartime collaborators.  In case you're wondering, that's why our party organization is in disarray, why our party leaders don't organize resistance, why precincts aren't actively canvassing neighborhoods to change the hearts and minds of voters.  Have you ever seen a TV ad from the Hawaii GOP attacking the policies of Hawaii Democrats?  No, you haven't.

Simply put, that's what you get from a pro-tax, pro-waste, abortion-on-demand, agnostic, RINO-led GOP.   They actually agree with Democrats on the issues.

For the Hawaii Republican Party, the two years between elections are a charade; a pretense of minimal activity to provide the illusion that Hawaii is on the verge of a two-party political system.  But on issue after issue, it's obvious that the leaders of the Hawaii GOP have no interest in fixing what's broken in Hawaii.  The silence is almost deafening.

Anyway, today was the big vote on a $1.5 billion tax hike and the inherent 9% (or more) property tax hike.  Party leaders might pay lip service to "the high cost of living in Hawaii", but they are doing jack squat about it.  In fact, they are actively supporting Democrat legislation to make that cost of living even more unbearable.

Finally, if you still believe that Fritz Rohlfing, Miriam Hellreich and the rest are going to use your money from the upcoming Lincoln Dinner fundraiser to loosen the grip of Democrats and their policies on Hawaii, you haven't been paying attentionNot a single penny from any previous Lincoln Dinner or other party fundraising event in recent memory has ever been used to help change the outcome on election dayHawaii's Republican Party leaders have zero ability, interest, or track record of moving the conservative ball down the field.  GOP leaders have decided (without telling you) that they have no plan and no interest in trying to turn our blue state into a red one.

That's why only HIRA tells you what's happening.  Recently, HIRA uncovered how top party officers officers were actively engaged in fraud, embezzlement, and other corruption.  In fact, the Hawaii GOP has spent thousands and thousands of dollars (of your donations) paying a Democrat union lawyer to try to silence HIRA so that we don't tell you what's going on.  That Democrat union lawyer represents the same union which funds the Democrat campaigns which defeat GOP candidates year after year.  Yes, the attorney hired by HRP to try and shut down HIRA is just another connection between the Democrat agenda and how GOP leaders in Hawaii do their bidding.

When you read the news about all these tax hikes, the takeaway lesson is that the Hawaii GOP did nothing to fight back.  Same with the recent marriage debate.  Same with the bloated state and county budgets.  Same with issuing driver's licenses to 40,000+ illegal aliens in Hawaii.  Same on issue after issue.

A lot of great things are happening nationally and in other states with the Republican Party.  But here in Hawaii, more party effort has been spent trying to silence HIRA in the past four months than to fight Democrats in the past four years.  That's how the Hawaii GOP's time and money and effort is being spent.  Rohlfing, Saiki, Hellreich, Liu, Fukumoto and the rest just don't care to lead a long overdue political revolution in Hawaii.  And this is why the Hawaii Republican Party and its candidates keep losing.

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