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Feb. 16, 2024


New third travel lane on I-64 between the Bowers Hill interchange and I-464 to open toll-free for a limited time ahead of high-occupancy tolling operations starting this spring 

CHESAPEAKE – Starting as early as overnight Sunday, Feb. 18, into Monday morning, Feb. 19, motorists can enjoy the benefits of a new third travel lane open on I-64 between the I-664/I-264 Bowers Hill interchange and the I-464 interchange in Chesapeake, constructed as part of the Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) I-64 Southside Widening and High Rise Bridge Expansion Project.  

These new lanes, combined with VDOT’s recent conversion of the previous HOV-2 restricted lanes to Express Lanes between the I-464 and I-264 interchanges, establishes the new Hampton Roads Express Lanes Chesapeake Segment that will soon operate as high-occupancy tolled Express Lanes to help manage traffic flow and congestion on I-64 between the I-664/I-264 Bowers Hill interchange in Chesapeake and the I-264 interchange in Norfolk.  

Once these lanes open to traffic, all motorists—whether driving alone or with passengers—are invited to test drive the new Chesapeake Express Lanes toll-free for the next several weeks to familiarize themselves with navigating this new roadway and its multiple entrance and exit points along the corridor.

While final tolling systems testing and installation of remaining white delineator posts and pavement markings are underway, motorists may encounter additional lane closures during the daytime and overnight hours as needed. These closures ensure the safety of our crews while still allowing the region’s motorists the benefit of earlier access to these new travel lanes as soon as possible outside of these closure periods.

Upon the start of Chesapeake’s high-occupancy tolling operations, estimated to begin no earlier than March 17, motorists driving alone will now experience additional commuting choices. These solo drivers are now provided the option to choose the free general purpose lanes or pay a variable toll to use the Express Lanes with an E-ZPass transponder—an option not previously available to solo drivers under the former HOV-2 restrictions during peak travel periods. For vehicles with two or more passengers, the Express Lanes will remain free with a required E-ZPass Flex transponder switched to “HOV-On.” Regardless of which lanes motorists choose, Express Lanes are designed to improve congestion and overall travel times for motorists in both the general purpose and Express Lanes.   

In addition to the Chesapeake Express Lanes operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the tolling operations schedule for the existing I-64 Norfolk Reversible Express Lanes, located between the I-264 and I-564 interchanges, will also transition to continuous high-occupancy tolling operations full-time as soon as the Chesapeake Express Lanes’ tolling begins. 

The Chesapeake and Norfolk Reversible Express Lanes will ultimately become a part of an overall continuous 45-mile Express Lanes network on I-64 from the Bowers Hill interchange in Chesapeake to Denbigh Boulevard in Newport News. As traffic demand continues to increase in the region, incorporating the high-occupancy tolling Express Lanes model provides an additional approach to managing congestion long-term and providing a more reliable travel network.  

For more information on the Hampton Roads Express Lanes network, operations, and to view an interactive map, visit

Hampton Roads Express Lanes Chesapeake Segment on I-64 from the I-664/I-264 Bowers Hill interchange to the I-264 interchange


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