Colorado Health Care 
Training and Consulting

August 23, 2018

Each year CHC provides training and consulting to hundreds of agencies, their staff of nurses, therapists, personal care providers, and aides as well as to family and other caregivers who provide in-home services to the infirm, chronically ill and disabled  to improve care, quality and safety. 

ALL ABOUT DATA  for  A ll agency types 
with Jennifer Windram, RN, BSN and former CDPHE Surveyor
October 16, 9:00 am to 11:00 am

 This course provides compliance with both Annual Training and Initial Training required of all Administrators, Managers & alternates.

CDPHE-approved Basic 8-hour Administrator Training for  A ll agency types 
with Connie McWilliams, MBA, CHC president with 20 years of experience as owner-operator of an accredited Medicare-certified agency.
LIVE PROGRAM offers 4 CEUs each day
September 11 & 12, 10:00 am to 3:00 Pm

 This course provides compliance with both  Annual Training and Initial Training   required  of all Administrators, Managers & alternates.

Home and Community Based Services: EBD, CMHS, SCI, BI Waiver Rates 
Effective July 1, 2018-June 30, 2019

$7.44/15 min
IHSS  Homemaker, Personal Care & RPC, $4.38/15 min for both EBD, SCI

Community Mental Health Supports (CMHS)
Personal Care & RPC, $4.38/15 min

EBD Personal Care & RPC, $4.38/15 min.,
maximum reimbursement not to exceed 1776 (444 hours) units per year (8.485.200)

SCI Personal Care & RPC, $4.38/15 min

BI Respite Care:
Combined maximum of 720 hours per certification period for Respite Care provided In Home ($4.99/15 min) or in a Nursing Facility ($123.19/day)

CMHS Respite Care:
Combined maximum of 30 days per certification period for Respite Care provided in an ACF ($58.39/day) or a Nursing Facility ($130.21/day)

EBD Respite Care: Combined maximum of 30 days per certification period for Respite Care provided in an ACF ($58.39/day), In Home ($4.99/15 min), or in a Nursing Facility ($130.21/day not to exceed the Nursing facility per diem or 6.5 hours/day.

SCI Respite Care
Respite Care Combined maximum of 30 days per certification period for Respite Care provided in an ACF ($58.39/day), In Home ($4.99/15 min), or a Nursing Facility ($130.21/day). 

Home Health Rates 
7/20/2018 - 6/30/2018

RN/LPN  $             109.87  $              110.97 One visit up to 2 ½ hours
RN Brief 1st of Day  $                73.56  $                74.30 One Visit
RN Brief 2nd or >  $                51.49  $                52.00 One Hour
HHA Basic  $                37.37  $                37.74 One Visit
HHA Extended  $                11.17  $                11.28 For visits lasting more than one hour, extended units of 15-30 minutes
PT  $             120.15  $              121.35 One Visit up to 2 ½ hours
PT for HCBS Home Mod Evaluation  $             120.15  $              121.35 1-2 visits
OT  $             120.93  $              122.14 One visit up to 2 ½ hours
OT for HCBS Home Mod Evaluation  $             120.93  $              122.14 1-2 visits
S/LT  $             130.56  $              131.87 One visit up to 2 ½ hours
Telehealth Installation/ Equipment  $                56.27  $                56.83 One time fee
Telehealth  $                10.63  $                10.74 Per day, can only be billed if a home health unit is billed for the same day
-  $             489.65  $              494.55 24 hours, MN to MN
-  $             382.03  $              385.85 24 hours, MN to MN

On-Line OASIS training videos

OASIS C2 Basics (One Session): Course ID 1066908
This beginning three-hour class is how to get started with OASIS C2.

OASIS C2 Item-by-Item (2 Sessions): Course ID 1066909
This practical application class reviews item-by-item data set completion. We will follow Mrs. Green's assessment, which will require two sessions to complete. Attendance at both sessions is required to complete this class.

OASIS C2 Quality Measures (One Session): Course ID 1066910
This course assumes familiarity with the OASIS C2 Item Set, covering more advanced content and application.

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Non-medical Management & Supervisor
Training Parts I & II 
Part 1:  8/23
Part 2:  8/30

Join Laura Neill (, former CDPHE Surveyor and Case Manager.


eLearn available 24/7 $100

Behavior Management of the Client with Dementia or Cognitive Disorders

Registrants will learn skills and tools necessary to provide care and services to clients with cognitive and memory impairments.

eLearn Courses 
2 CEUs
available 24/7
( A ll agency types)
CDPHE-approved Care about Care Coordination 
- 2 CEUs $100

Our eLearn courses are available 24/7 and offer clear learner progress indicators and unlimited replays of course material. Resume learning exactly where you left off, on your mobile, tablet, laptop or any device.  

Consulting CEUs

Agency-centered Training
CEU Consulting 
4 CEUs and up

  • Quality Management Program
  • Complaint, Incident, Occurrence, Grievance Log
  • Provision of Skilled Care & Services
  • Annual Evaluation

eLearn Program: Why Home Care Should Care 
With $2.8 billion being spent on healthcare hacking breaches during 2016, and 81% of IT leaders citing data security as a top business goal, security in healthcare has never been more important.
9 am - 11 am
2 CEUs

8/28 Complaint & Incidents Part 1
9/4 Complaint & Incidents Part 2
9/11 Understanding the Survey Process
9/18 Provision of Skilled Care & Services
CEU Consulting at your offices by appointment & 4-hour minimum.
Join Jennifer Windram, RN, BSN and 
former CDPHE Surveyor.

As Baby Boomers Age, Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Needs Are Skyrocketing
New companies are trying to fill the demand where taking an Uber or Lyft just won't cut it. Many patients opt to skip appointments when they can't find a ride, and those no-shows are costing billions in lost revenue. In other health industry news: Rite Aid has an uncertain future after calling off unpopular merger; the Cigna-Express deal has passions high; and Amazon is considering opening health clinics for its employees. Full article.

HCBS or IHSS Home Care: The Standards & Ongoing Compliance 

9/6 HCBS
9/13 IHSS

 Laura Neill, former CDPHE Surveyor and Case Manager (


All courses qualify for annual training.
All courses are updated with rule changes.
eLearn available 24/7 
24/7 - eLearn Care about Care coordination
24/7 - eLearn Care about Privacy, Confidentiality & HIPAA
24/7 - eLearn Behavior Management of the client with Dementias
Live and Online

8/21 Emergency Preparedness
8/23 Non-medical Management Part 1
8/28 Complaint & Incident Process Part 1
8/30 Non-medical Management Part 2
9/4 Complaint & Incident Process Part 2
9/6 HCBS
9/11 Understanding the Survey Process
9/11 & 12 LIVE Basic 8-hour Administrator Training
9/13 IHSS
9/18 Provision of Skilled Care & Services
CEU Consulting at your offices by appointment & 4-hour minimum.

Expand your resources for Dementia care

Learning to Live Well with Dementia

In their new book, "Better Living With Dementia," Laura Gitlin and Nancy Hodgson - two of the nation's leading experts on care for people with cognitive impairment - argue forcefully that it's time for this "cycle of despair" to be broken.

At a minimum, Gitlin and Hodgson
suggest pointing people newly diagnosed with dementia to the Alzheimer's Association, the Lewy Body Dementia Association, the Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration and the government's website, - all valuable sources of information and potential assistance.