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I have the BEST and most exciting news ever!

Today, House of Colour is launching it's very own 'stylist in your pocket' mobile app just for you.

It's called, "MyHoCLookBook" and it's exclusive for you as one of my valued House of Colour clients.

It is going to revolutionise your wardrobe and outfit planning, all in the palm of your hand.

Read on for all the exciting details about your NEW 'MyHoCLookBook' mobile app and how it is going to help you. It's been hard keeping this one secret!

Its so exciting,

Judi x



Watch this short video below from my USA colleague whose is introducing MyHoCLookBook to you.

Our new mobile app is personalised to you. And because we know your best seasonal colours and for most of you, your unique style (clothing personality), this is what sets us apart from other mobile styling apps.

It REALLY is personalised to you. Because we know you. Click the video link to find out more..


How MyHoCLookBook Works

  • MyHoCLookBook will allow you (or me) to upload the entire content of your wardrobe to the app. So you have your whole wardrobe in the palm of your hand. How amazing is that when you go shopping!.

  • Once your wardrobe is uploaded, you and I will be able to create 'lookbooks' of outfit combinations with the click of a button, from what you already have in your wardrobe. Outfit ideas you hadn't already imagined you could put together (see images below).

  • You will get access to 'Colour Season inspiration' pages and direct links though to shops, where you can purchase an item you like in just one click. How amazing and EASY is that.

I'll send you a link so you can upload your wardrobe - it's so easy. Or, no time for that? I'll come and do it for you.

You will be able to file these under jackets, dresses, trousers, shoes, etc so everything is neatly presented and ordered.


Once you/I  have uploaded your wardrobe, it is so easy to add new items or delete those you have sustainably deleted from your wardrobe. Then the MAGIC happens and we can start to create your very own 'LookBooks'. Simply click on a a LookBook outfit the night before and choose what you will wear the next day!


You'll get access to an inspirational 'LookBook' for your colour season too giving you ideas for how to wear your colours in dresses, jackets, accessories, shoes and much more.

And this covers your makeup choices too.


With MyHoCLookBook you'll have access to ideas for garment shapes (if you've had your style apppointment), information and insiring imagery suggestions for your clothing personality looks. And there are visual ideas for patterns too. And again, its a great reference tool when you are out shopping.


It will create an account for you which holds all of your colour season details and if you have had you personal style appointment, it will have all your body measurements, neck length, face shape details, best clothing shape information for jackets, dresses, trousers etc and your best scale - all at the push of a button, and in your handbag or back pocket.


The three headings at the top of this page show you at the click of a button, your wardrobe content ('closet'). Your ''Looks' which are your own wardrobe outfits combinations. And finally 'Finds'- those items I can suggest for you to add to your wardrobe each month or season or as often as you'd like (additional charge), as part of a monthly subscription plan. 

How Much IS MyHoCLookBook?

I am so excited to be able to bring this new mobile app to you. But don't worry if mobiles aren't your thing, you can get it on your desktop too.

This new mobile app is going to make styling yourself and dressing in your seasonal palette so easy.

But what I LOVE most about it, is I have my entire wardrobe, plus lots of inspirational ideas right on my phone, with easy access at the click of a button

Sign up TODAY to MyHoCLookBook and you will get the Introductory offer of just £29.

For this I will send you a link to access your personalised account.

This will allow you to upload all your wardrobe onto your account - (for an extra cost I will come to your home and photograph and upload your wardrobe)

 For new COLOUR &/or STYLE clients, the £29 enrolment fee is waived and access to the mobile app will be part of your colour and style appointment price. 

Monthly Subscription

Would you like more from your 'MyHoCLookbook'?

Join my NEW monthly subscription package for just £15 per month.

For this I will send you 5 new inspiring pieces for your wardrobe in either your colour or for those who have had their personal style appointment, suggestions for colour and style pieces.

I will also show you how you can add these new pieces into your existing look books, creating multiple outfits ideas from different combinations within your very own wardrobe.

You will also have the opportunity for a 10 minute catch up call with me per month.


So, just to recap how the NEW MyHoCLookBook is going to help your revolutionise your wardrobe and keep it all at your fingertips with our new mobile app.

In combination with our personalised services, this exciting new tool will help you:

⭐️Streamline shopping, dressing, and packing

⭐️Discover exciting new clothing combinations

⭐️Find inspiration in your wardrobe and the shops

⭐️Get personalised advice on makeup, colours, and fashion trends

⭐️Save time, energy, and money

This new app is available exclusively to House of Colour clients.

If you have any questions about MyHoCLookBook, how it works, how it will help you or my subscription package then please get in touch.

Keep colourful and styish and watch your confidence soar!

Warmest wishes, Judi x


Judi Prue

Personal Style & Colour Consultant

Client code: PRUEJUDI -  (for 30% off all HoC webshop prices)

Tel: 07904 347847

e: judi.prue@houseofcolour.co.uk

w: www.houseofcolour.co.uk/judiprue

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